NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers – Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins
The Edmonton Oilers could look to move Jorden Eberle and/or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
On the Edmonton Oilers, Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Luke Fox of Sportsnet: The Edmonton Oilers would be selling low, but they may have to trade Jordan Eberle this offseason. Eberle has two years left on his deal at $6 million. The Oilers also have Ryan Nugent-Hopkins making $6 million, but for four more seasons.

GM Peter Chiarelli needs to move one of Eberle or Nugent-Hopkins. They may need to find a team that needs to get above the salary floor – teams like the Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights and New Jersey Devils.

Jonathan Willis: If the Oilers leave Eberle unprotected for the expansion draft, Vegas should draft him and then trade him retaining 50 percent of his salary for a big return.

Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports: Darren Dreger on TSN 690 talking about the Edmonton Oilers. With the Oilers needing to sign Leon Draisaitl and with Connor McDavid able to sign an extension, Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins could find themselves on the move.

“What’s going to happen though – Chiarelli is going to have to get very creative. I think that Jordan Eberle has probably played his last game with the Edmonton Oilers. And some wonder if they might have to make a real significant move, and maybe move both Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins. I doubt it. I think that they still very much value Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and I could see why in watching that team closely.

“But that money has got to come from somewhere. And when you’re paying out the big, big, big contracts that they’re going to have to pay out to Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, Jordan Eberle’s money isn’t going to cover both.”

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: Sportsnet analyst for the Oilers, Drew Remenda on Inside Sports on the Oilers and if they’ll look at trading “one, two or maybe three” of Jordan Eberle, Benoit Pouliot and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins this offseason. Remenda would be surprised if all three came back with the Oilers next season.

“I think there could be one, two, maybe three. But I don’t think it will be wholesale. I could make an argument for at least Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (to stay) in that group. … When I talk about determination, I don’t think Jordan had much in his game. You know in the Old West they talk ‘sand.’ The boy has got sand. I didn’t think Jordan had much sand in his game. Now he’s a terrific hockey player and he’s a good team guy and people like him, and you might look at him and go, ‘OK, that’s his first experience in the National Hockey League playoffs,’ so you might give him a break. Because he can score in the regular season. You could look at this year and go, ‘It was a one-off.’  Who knows what they’re going to look at? But determinations are already being made.”

Bob McKenzie was on TSN 1050 talking about Oilers and Eberle.

“You can’t afford to be paying $6 million to a guy on the wing who was almost a fourth liner by the time this playoff round was over.”

McKenzie on Nugent-Hopkins and his $6 million cap hit.

“He’s become a really good two-way guy, but you’re right about the price tag, it’s an exorbitant price tag for a third line centre, but on a really good team if you can fit all the other pieces in, it’s a great luxury to have.”