NHL Rumors: Timo Meier Could Be One of the First to Be Traded

One of the hot names entering the March 3rd trade deadline is Timo Meier of the San Jose Sharks as several teams want his services.

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San Jose Sharks Willing to Listen On Timo Meier As Trade Interest Heats Up

Timo Meier continues to have a career season for the San Jose Sharks. Interest in Meier has started since the beginning of the season. In the latest edition of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, Elliotte Friedman suggests that Meier could be one of the first players traded before the March 3rd Trade Deadline.

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Jeff Marek: “Elliotte Friedman break news of Timo Meier of the San Jose Sharks.”

Elliotte Friedman: “Well I think there are a few teams that have indicated that they think if there is a guy that could go early it is Meier.

You know I think the reason is that San Jose they are aggressive. They are trying to do things and would try to Jump the line (I don’t know if that is the right word). If you come to them they are ready to do business right now.

I think the other thing with Meier is his in a bit of a unique situation. He is not an unrestricted free agent this year, but his contract is up. His birthday is in October, but you must be 27 years old or have played seven years in the NHL by July 1st of that year to qualify for UFA status. If a player turns 27 after July 1st of that year you have to wait an extra year. That is where Meier is.

His contract is up but he has one more year until he can be a UFA. However, his current contract means to keep his rights you have to offer him at least a one-year deal of $10 million.”

Marek: It is the Matthew Tkachuk Situation.

Friedman: “I think they are some teams out there that really like Timo Meier. He is a hell of a player having a hell of a year. Meier is playing extremely well, but they don’t like his contract. Rather they would like to know what he is looking for on an extension before they make the trade.

The key here is San Jose has shown a willingness that if you make them a trade or trade proposal they like they will let you talk to Meier’s rep, who is Claude Lemieux.

So that is the situation, not every team is comfortable with.”

Teams Interest in Meier

Marek and Friedman discuss the teams linked to the Meier trade rumours which include the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, and Carolina Hurricanes.

As Friedman notes, the Devils have been linked to Meier in the past. They like good players and Meier is a good player. The Rangers have Meier as number one on their board, but they are up against the salary cap.

NHL Rumors: Salary Cap Hampering Teams From Making Trades

Carolina makes sense if they are willing to do the extensions. The Hurricanes do not like rentals as they put a value on you and they will not cross it.

Friedman then mentions how Meier would be a perfect fit for Toronto. However, the Maple Leafs do not have a ton of cap space. “I believe he is exactly what the Maple Leafs need. They only have so many assets to give up and they do not want to let go of their first-round pick. Not to mention Matthew Knies neither.”

Again it all comes down to what the Maple Leafs priorities are.



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