NHL Betting: Books Every Hockey Fan Should Read
Stat Shot by Rob Vollman
Stat Shot by Rob Vollman

Hockey is supposed to be fun, and the only way to bring the average book reader into the game at any level is to passionately write about the subject matter. Fortunately, there are a number of hockey books that meet that criteria. From books that highlight the triumphs and tribulations of hockey’s most iconic players to analytical game analysis, coaching, history, and just good old hockey stories, there exists a number of books that will entertain any true NHL fan.

Stat Shot

“Stat Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics” by Rob Vollman is a terrific read for anyone interested in hockey analytics or wagering.

The book presents hockey analytics as a central character in a massive game of armchair team management. Vollman identifies the numbers he finds important and why he finds them important, in order to avoid bad contracts, target above-replacement level players (for replacement-level money), maximize the use of the salary cap, while protecting player value.

Admittedly, the book may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many casual fans of hockey may not be too fond of the intricacies that are involved, but Vollman does an excellent job of explaining items in layman’s terms. Even if you’re a bit wary of the technical side, we don’t doubt you’ll be impressed with this book.

Behind the Bench

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through the minds of some of the greatest minds in Hockey history, then this book is for you. “Behind the Bench” by Craig Custance delves into the minds of renowned bench bosses such as Ken Hitchcock, Mike Babcock, and more to give insight into some of the greatest games they’ve ever coached. The book might be somewhat of a light read, but it manages to be both insightful and entertaining even in its short format.

Playing with Fire

As a fan of hockey, you might already be familiar with Theo Fleury. Fleury is an excellent hockey player with a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal under his belt, as well as an impressive NHL career that many have taken note of. It’s easy to praise the incredible achievements that Fleury has managed to accomplish in the field of hockey, but not many know about the man’s rough upbringing and the obstacles he had to face to get there.

Theo Fleury co-wrote “Playing with Fire” with Kirstie McLellan Day. The book delves into some serious topics like alcohol and drug addiction, sexual assault, and the ultimate triumph of a man who has had to overcome a lot to achieve greatness. While some parts of the book might be hard to get through, we 100% recommend giving it a shot as it’s among some of the best autobiographies ever released.