NHL Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets, and Who Could Take on a Bad Contract?

Will Don Waddell be looking for a new head coach in Columbus? Which teams may be interested in taking on bad contracts with a sweetener?

What’s Behind the Coyotes’ Move to Salt Lake City?

The Arizona Coyotes’ finances have taken several hits these past few decades.…

NHL Rumors: A Strange Situation For Arizona Coyotes Players As They Await Details

A strange situation for the Arizona Coyotes players as they await official relocation news, and if they’ll receive some compensation for having to move cities. 

NHL Rumors: Expect Announcement on Arizona Relocation By End of the Week

The Arizona Coyotes will be relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah with announcements likely coming by the end of this week.

NHL Rumors: Utah Will Have Money and the Assets to Spend This Offseason

The soon-to-be Utah franchise will have the money, draft capital, and prospects to spend this offseason in free agency and through trades.

NHL News and Rumors: An Official Arizona Coyotes Relocation Announce Could Be Real Soon

The NHL hopes to be able to make an official announcement on the Arizona Coyotes relocation to Utah by Thursday or Friday.

The NHL Must Follow Minnesota Wild Playbook Next Go Round in Arizona

If and when the Arizona Coyotes relocate, the NHL will be back in Arizona, but they must follow the Minnesota model to make it work.

NHL News and Rumors: A Lot Of Work Is Being Done But No Confirmation About Re-Location At This Time

Speculation around the potential relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City took off yesterday and answer could be coming soon.

NHL Rumors: Is The Coyotes Time In Arizona Coming To An End?

The NHL is drafting two schedules for the Arizona Coyotes/Salt Lake City, and progress has been made on a potential relocation deal according to Seravalli’s sources.

NHL Rumors: Coyotes Owner Wants to Win the Land Auction but Also Investigating a Potential Sale

Craig Morgan on the Jeff Marek Show talking about the Arizona Coyotes and owner Alex Meruelo investigating the idea of potentially selling the team and the land auction.

NHL Rumors: NHL Continues To Listen About Potential Expansion and Relocation

The rumors in the NHL continue to swirl about the NHL expanding beyond 32 teams but it all hinges on the result with the Arizona Coyotes

NHL Rumors: Top 12 RFAs This Summer in the NHL

There is plenty of time for teams to lock up their pending restricted free agents. There are several on the list to keep an eye on.