NHL Rumors: Will the Contract and Now Health Concerns Steer Seattle Away From Carey Price?
Things become a little clearer with Carey Price's expansion exposure. Knee surgery is a possibility as well as a hip issue.
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Pierre LeBrun: Have been told that the Seattle Kraken are taking a deep internal look at Carey Price. He’s got a big contract and it’s not an easy decision.

In the end doesn’t think that the Kraken will select him but there may be a better chance than first thought.

Pierre LeBrun: On the idea that the Kraken select would Price and then trade him back to the Montreal Canadien while retaining salary and getting picks or prospects is not allowed according to the league.

The NHL would consider such a deal as cap circumvention.

Frank Seravalli of Daily FaceOff: The Seattle Kraken were to believe to have an interest in Canadiens goaltender Jake Allen before the Canadiens switched gears and protected Allen and exposed Carey Price.

Medical records of those who are left unprotected are available to all teams. Sources say that there may be some health concerns for Price. He’s had an MRI and there is a hip injury that may require surgery. Price will see an expert later this week and more may not be known until Friday. The draft is Wednesday.

It sounds like Price will miss the start of the season either way. It’s too soon to say if it’ll be eight weeks or a significant part of the season.

Waiving the no-movement was Price’s idea. He didn’t want to see Jake Allen be selected and then him having to miss the start of the season.

Sources say Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin tried trading Allen and get a proper return back while knowing he could pull the Price exposure card.

Pierre LeBrun: Have been told that Carey Price is scheduled to go to New York this week and visit a doctor about a knee issue that might require surgery.

Pierre LeBrun: As Seravalli reports, believe that Price is having his hip checked out as well.

The potential for surgery is knee related from what has been told.

Steve Simmonds: Two NHL GMS said that Kraken won’t be selecting Price.