Charity on Ice: How NHL Casino Night Helps Give Back to the Community
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A dealer shuffles cards at a black jack table in a casino.

Charitable events are integral to community involvement, and NHL has been actively engaged in various benevolent activities. Among the many philanthropic endeavors organized by the NHL, the NHL Online Casino Night stands out as one of the most successful. The venture has raised significant funds for various essential causes.

Our team of specialists at has extensively researched this event and its tremendous impact on society. In this article, we will scrutinize the NHL Casino Night and how it has helped the NHL give back to deserving communities.

NHL Casino Night


  • 1998: Introduction by the New York Rangers
    In 1998, the New York Rangers introduced the NHL Casino Night as a fundraising event. The event featured the best online casino games, such as poker, in Central Park. The chances of winning at these games remained the same as in ordinary casinos.
  • 2001: Official Adoption by the NHL
    The NHL officially incorporated the event. The coverage was wide casted to include all 30 NHL teams. It was named NHL Casino and Gaming Night. Gambling sites were invited to take a more active part in the event.
  • 2010: Renaming
    The event was renamed NHL Casino Night in 2010. It got modified to an annual event and is held in Nevada.
  • 2020: First Virtual Event
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was held virtually for the first time. It was super successful and raised millions of dollars for charities. More responsibilities were shifted to gambling sites for this version.


Among the activities that hold annually at the event in Las Vegas include the following:

  • Casino-style games: Guests can participate in several casino table games with moderate chances of winning. Popular among these include: craps, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Games features are comparable with those found in online casinos.
  • Silent auction: Games tickets and covered NHL memorabilia are generally up for silent auction at the event.
  • Raffles and giveaways: Attendees may partake in giveaways and raffles to win game tickets or memorabilia.
  • Red carpet photos: Guests can have their pictures photographed on the red carpet.
  • Gourmet food and drinks: Food and Drinks and an open bar are equally featured, similar to the one in regular casinos.
  • Live entertainment: The event often features live music performances and online casino services throughout the night.
  • VIP experiences: VIP guests may have access to exclusive experiences such as meet-and-greets with NHL players, coaches, and executives or private gambling areas.

Notable Guests and Participants

  • NHL players: Several notable NHL players regularly attend the annual event. Renowned names include Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and Henrik Lundqvist.
  • NHL coaches and executives: The event has also been attended by numerous coaches and executives, such as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, and former NHL coach and player Jacques Lemaire.
  • Celebrities: The NHL Casino Night presented by New York Rangers has attracted numerous celebrities, such as actors Kevin Connolly, Michael J. Fox, and Cuba Gooding Jr., and musicians like Snoop Dogg and Billy Idol.
  • Charity representatives: Representatives from various charities have also attended the NHL Casino Night to receive donations and raise awareness about their causes.
  • NHL team owners: The owners of various NHL teams have also been known to attend the event, including Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, a minority owner of the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

Charitable Organizations

Supported Charities

  • The NHL Foundation is the league’s official charity, supporting a variety of issues like environmental protection, cancer research, and the growth of youth hockey.
  • Hockey Fights Cancer is a collaborative effort of the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association to increase public awareness of Cancer and raise real money for its prevention and treatment.
  • Children with life-threatening diseases can get wishes from The Make-A-Wish Foundation via the intervention of NhL.
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a nonprofit group that offers young people opportunities, including mentoring and extracurricular activities.
  • An organization that offers lodging and support to families of very sick children via the NHL intervention is The Ronald McDonald House Charity.
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: A nonprofit organization that funds research and supports patients and families affected by blood cancer.
  • The Special Olympics: An organization that provides sports training and competition opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Criteria for Selecting Supported Charities

  • Connection to hockey: The NHL may also prioritize charities that connect to the sport of hockey, such as those that promote youth hockey development or that support hockey-related causes.
  • Teamwork is a core NHL principle. The NHL wants to promote groups and causes that share these values.
  • Impact: The NHL searches for nonprofit organizations with a verifiable record of improving the lives of those in need, whether via advocacy, research, or direct assistance programs.
  • Reach and scope: The NHL seeks to sponsor organizations that can significantly influence national or international levels.
  • Transparency: The NHL is super keen on collaborating with nonprofit organizations that are open about how they spend donated money. These bodies would ideally be socially responsible and adhere to high levels of morality.

Examples of Impact

  • Almost 200 new ice rinks have been built in several communities thanks to the NHL Foundation, which has also given hundreds of ice hockey players across North America playing kits and instruction.
  • Since its commencement in 1998, Hockey Fights Cancer has helped promote awareness of cancer-related issues among NHL players and fans while raising over $25 million for cancer research and treatment.
  • Over 300,000 children with life-threatening diseases have had their wishes granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, giving them priceless experiences and memories.
  • Through extracurricular ventures, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America has helped nearly 4 million young people pick up new online skills and follow their ambitions.

Players and Community Involvement

NHL Casino Night, presented by New York Rangers, is undeniably one of the hippest events in town, and it’s not just due to the casino’s gambling and luxurious ambiance. The players are incredibly engaged, and they make a positive impact on their communities. Participants often remark that the gambling experience is generally on par with that of online and physical casinos.

For instance, PK Subban is one of the most active new players in philanthropic work and a massive proponent of NHL Casino Night. According to him, it’s a fantastic opportunity to leverage his position as a player and positively contribute to society while having a great time similar to the ones happening at the best casinos.

It’s not just the players enthusiastic about Casino Night presented by the NHL. Community members are quick to commend the event for the great work it accomplishes. One fan expressed that it was “astonishing to witness these athletes rallying together to support a noble cause” and made her proud to be an ice hockey fan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The NHL is dead serious about giving back to deserving communities, and they walk the talk. Recently, they’ve been all about CSR, which means doing good stuff for the world, not just lining their pockets. They have several big initiatives, such as NHL Green, which aims to make ice hockey more eco-friendly and have a great online presence.

They’ve also got Ice Hockey is for Everyone, which pushes for inclusivity and diversity in the sport. The NHL also backs up many youth programs through the NHL Foundation. They are not flawless, but they’re trying to make a change.

FAQ for NHL Casino Night

What is NHL Casino Night, and how does it work?

The NHL hosts an annual charity event, NHL Casino Night, to gather donations for multiple charitable causes. This event includes NHL players, coaches, executives, and celebrities participating in casino-style games, auctions, and other activities. Attendees buy tickets to the event, and the funds raised are donated to chosen charities. The night is full of entertainment and gaming based on casinos and encourages philanthropy among NHL supporters. The event creates a platform to bring together factions of the NHL communities and other supporters to contribute to improving society.

What charities are supported by NHL Casino Night, and what impact has it had on these organizations?

Casino Night, presented by the NHL, supports charitable organizations yearly, such as the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Garden of Dreams Foundation, and American Cancer Society. The event contributes significantly to these organizations, helping to finance crucial initiatives and programs. Since the beginning, the event has collected millions of dollars for charity and positively impacted the lives of many needy individuals.

How does NHL Casino Night demonstrate the NHL’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, and what are its plans for future initiatives?

Casino Night, presented by the NHL, exemplifies the NHL’s commitment to social responsibility as it uses its influence to bolster multiple charitable causes. The event unites NHL teams, players, coaches, executives, celebrities, and supporters to generate a positive influence globally. The NHL intends to continue its benevolent outreaches via NHL Casino Night and other qualifying initiatives.