NHL Rumors: All Options on the Table for the Toronto Maple Leafs

All Bets Are Off In Toronto This Offseason

TSN Hockey Reporter Mark Masters and TSN Hockey Analyst Chris Johnston discuss the summer for the Toronto Maple Leafs and what to expect after their Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs Head Coach Position and Brendan Shanahan

Mark Masters: “What sort of offseason are you expecting in Toronto?”

Chris Johnston: “You know, all bets are off. It’s tough to say as we’re standing here, in the aftermath of this game, to say where it’s going, but you have a new person and Keith Pelley at the top of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. You have another year gone of this core.

You know Auston Matthews had a 69-goal season, and William Nylander just shy of 100 points in the regular season. These guys were at the peak of their powers throughout this year, and it’s another year gone. It’s such a sinking feeling that you didn’t win a Stanley Cup.

I mean, they didn’t get anywhere close, right? I mean, this tournament gonna go on for another six-plus weeks, and the Leafs will be well into their offseason by the time, one of the remaining teams lifts the Cup. And I do think that hard questions have to be asked. The future of Sheldon Keefe has to be clarified.

NHL Rumors: If the Toronto Maple Leafs Lose …

I think the fact that I should say that they came back in the series after being down 3-1 and looking so bleak will reflect well on the coach. I mean that they clearly tightened up defensively in Games Five, Six and Seven. All 2-1 games and then, of course, Matthews, sorry, Marner and Tavares, each entering summers where they can be extended.

I mean, it feels like there’s a lot in the air. In past year, remember Brendan Shanahan has come out two days after the season and said we’re keeping everything the way it is. I’m not sure that message is going to be relayed here in the days ahead, and nor do I think it should.”

Maple Leafs To Meet the Media This Week

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period: The Maple Leafs will hold their end-of-season player interviews with the media on Monday, starting with coach Sheldon Keefe at approximately 11:30am ET.

Management will be addressing the media on Thursday.