NHL Rumors: Bruce Boudreau being hung out, and who could the Vancouver Canucks look to replace him with

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Donnie & Dhali: Elliotte Friedman on the Donnie & Dhali show on the Vancouver Canucks and Bruce Boudreau.

Donnie: “Elliotte, you tweeted this out and talked about it on the weekend on the Hockey Night in Canada, but how important is clarity when it comes to the Canucks coaching situation?

Friedman: “Look Don, you’ve been around a long time. Rick, you’ve been around a long time. I’ve been around way too long. And Canucks have seen everything in their lives.

I think we can all see what’s going on here. We all see where this is headed, it’s just a matter of when. I just don’t think it’s a good thing to have hanging over your organization and your team.

I don’t know when they are going to do this. I don’t know when a change is going to be made but I think we all recognize it’s going to be made at some point in time.

I don’t like to see people kind of, I just don’t like to see what is happening to Boudreau. If you don’t think that he’s doing a great job, then make the change.

It’s just not a good thing to publically be hung out like this, and I think people inside the organization feel the same way cause I think they think it’s affecting the way that the team is playing.”

Donnie & Dhali: Elliotte Friedman on the Donnie & Dhali show talking about potential coaching candidates for the Vancouver Canucks if/when they make a change.

Rick Dhaliwal: “Elliotte, you and I were talking Saturday. Names, look, if the losing continues we’re going to hear names pop up. We, you and I heard Rick Tocchet’s name pop up Saturday. Are they waiting on something? In Pittsburgh, they loved Mike Sullivan, and you know they like Mike Vellucci.”

Friedman: “Mike Sullivan is not getting fired. If anybody’s thinking that, that’s crazy.

Dhaliwal: “There’s no question. As the losses compound, you know names are going to come up in Vancouver. It’s just the reality of the situation now.

Friedman: “I think the Canucks have done a lot of this research already, Rick. I don’t think this is anything new. I think last summer they were looking into who could be their next head coach. I think they really did a lot of research into that and I don’t know if they really talked to anyone per se, but I think among the coaching fraternity it wasn’t a secret that the Canucks were thinking about, okay, if not Bruce, then who. Or who could be our long-term person?


So if anyone things that they just started doing their research recently, I think they’re kidding themselves. I think they’ve been considering this for some time. It’s just a matter of when.

Can you get, Rick Tocchet, he’s not working for anybody, so if it was Rick Tocchet, that’s a little bit different. Mike Vellucci, I could see him absolutely someone the Canucks would consider but the question is, can you get him now.