NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, and the Colorado Avalanche

The Calgary Flames will sit down with Jacob Markstrom after the season

Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff: Calgary Flames GM Craig Conroy said he’ll be talking to goaltender Jacob Markstrom outlining their plan for him and the organization. If Markstrom afterwards wants to move on, then they’ll go from there.

“We need to sit down and talk,” Conroy said. “I need to see where Marky’s head is at – if I can add something , see what he is thinking. We just need to sit down and have a conversation after the season. Right now I just want him to play and focus, he’s been banged up a little bit, and hopefully he is back soon.”

NHL Rumors: Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes Dman Jalen Chatfield could be looking for top-four money

Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Star: The Carolina Hurricanes tried to re-sign defenseman Jalen Chatfield as if he was a sixth defenseman but the right-handed pending UFA may look for top-four money.

Will the Colorado Avalanche be able to afford Jonathan Drouin?

DNVR Avalanche: Colorado Avalanche GM Chris MacFarland when asked about pending UFA forward Jonathan Drouin?

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Meghan Angley: “As how well (Jonathan) Drouin has fit, do you envision a future in Colorado?

MacFarland: “Again, these are, these are the questions, you know, we would love to be able to afford everyone. But there, there’s just there’s, as you know, there’s this thing called the salary cap and I’d be, you know, lying to you if I said, you know, we can bring these guys, all of them back.

I tell our coaches don’t fall in love with players because, you know, looking at it today, you know, we’re capped out. And the challenge for us is going to be unfortunately answers that you know, timing wise or maybe difficult to ascertain because of, you know, Gabe Landeskog situation.

So that, that’s the reality but that’s for that’s, that’s the analysis we do are certainly that that keeps me up at night, but that’s for, you know, months down the road.

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I think we’re gonna, you know, hopefully these guys are focused on on the task at hand and then you know, come you know, closer to draft time we’ll, we’ll, we’ll obviously have those discussions and, and if something can make sense, or if there’s a creative way and again, it’s that’s the challenge of the cap.”