NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames Dustin Wolf is likely to start the season in the AHL

Frank Seravalli: Calgary Flames GM Craig Conroy on the Frankly Speaking podcast (recorded on Thursday) on the Calgary Flames goaltending situation, where Dustin Wolf fits in, and how he’s looked in camp so far.

Conroy “You know the one thing I watch every day in practice is all three goalies and they’re dialed in. I think when you see Vladar go into Seattle, some of the saves, winning the game and I’m thinking we’re in a good spot.

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I feel very comfortable in our goaltending. You know, obviously, it’s a position of power or good feelings for me right now. So, you know, I’m not going to rush and do anything. I want to make sure.

The one thing about having a young goaltender, you still want him to play. He needs to play and not just sit on the bench and watch practice. It’s a learning experience, but you also need to get that game time. So, you know, with Dustin, he’s waivers exempt. So to be able to go down, I mean, we’re in a good situation with the three goalies and you just feel like you don’t want to hurt yourself by just making a move to make a move.”

Seravalli: “So if I’m reading between the lines, the smart money would be on Wolf playing for the Wranglers to start and then you figure it out from there?”

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Conroy: “I think so. I mean, if I was looking right now today, I think the two guys that were here in the years past are really dialed in. I mean, they look sharp. So it’s tough to say we’re going to change something.

But, you know, things happen. There’s injuries for other teams and you’re always looking at all your options.”