NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames – Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, TJ Brodie and Sam Bennett
This will be a critical season for the Calgary Flames and their core players. On if we'll see a play-in round again for the playoffs.
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Luke Fox of Sportsnet: If anyone is interested in trading for Calgary Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau, they should be concerned with his reduced point production during the playoffs – 0.96 during the regular season and 0.63 during the playoffs.

He’s due a $3.5 million signing bonus this offseason and then will have only $10 million owed over the next two seasons.

Any Gaudreau trade could be similar to the Maple Leafs trading of Phil Kessell. He can’t carry a team but is a complementary star.

Eric Francis of Sportsnet: The Calgary Flames may be looking at some changes this offseason and it could start with forward Johnny Gaudreau. His game doesn’t appear to translate to playoff hockey.

He was a Hart Trophy candidate two years ago and his hit 99 points in a season, but it’s not going to be easy for the Flames to move his this offseason. GMs witnessed his playoff disappearance. Gaudreau isn’t an emotional leader, and he doesn’t really contribute defensively.

Some think that Sean Monahan should also be shopped. The Flames will have trouble getting a meaningful return for Gaudreau, so maybe they try to include Monahan in a blockbuster.

Defenseman T.J. Brodie may have priced himself out of Calgary,

Forward Sam Bennett‘s ‘stock and popularity’ improved, so he may end up staying.

Gaudreau’s contract is up after 2022, and there is no way that he re-signs with the Flames. They need to trade him before that, they need to trade him now. If the Flames wait another season, Gaudreau will have a modified no-trade clause – a five-team trade list.

Kristen Anderson: Flames Johnny Gaudreau on being in the rumor mill and how it has impacted him: “To be honest, I hear it every once in a while now. But, to be honest, Calgary has been a second home to me … It’s a team I could see myself playing for the rest of my career.”