NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames Noah Hanifin Talks About His Situation Heading Into A Contract Year

Calgary Flames: Flames Noah Hanifin on the offseason and entering the final year of his contract and where things stand

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Reporter: “We all know just a lot of talk, just about this year for you and a couple other guys, but how do you approach this year and I guess just the idea of being back, or you know, kind of seeing how your future plays out.”

Hanifin: “Yeah. I’m excited. It’s been a kind of crazy summer. A lot of speculation and whatnot out there. A lot of change in the organization but really excited to be back. Be back with all the guys and I got here last week and skating with everybody. I think it’s a big year of us as a group and I’m just excited to get it going.”

Reporter: “Craig indicated in the summer you had suggested you might not sign here long-term, but that door is was very much open. Is that how you see it as well?”

Hanifin: “Yeah. Absolutely. I think, I think there was just a lot to digest last summer after the year we had. Not making the playoffs and a lot of expectations on the team and for me personally. I just want to see how this year played out a little bit and take my time a little bit.

But it’s a big year for the group and a big bounce back year for us, and me individually as well. So, I’m excited to get it going.”

Reporter: “What would have to happen for you to consider staying beyond this season?”

Hanifin: “I’m not sure yet. I haven’t really thought to much about it. I think right now it’s just about having camp, kind of focusing on the now and coming out and having a good start with the team and winning some hockey games and seeing where it goes from there.

It’s a great group of guys. A great organization. So many good people here. I love this city. So I’m just excited to see how it plays out a little bit.”

Reporter: “Are you willing to have conversations in-season about extending or is it sort of…”

Hanifin: “Yeah, for sure. I think Craig and my agent kind of handle that whole business side of it. My agent Pat, and I kind of let them handle that. I told my agent this is a big year for us as a group and I just want to focus on hockey right now.

If there’s conversations that need to be had, it will be had. So, like I said, I’m just focused on the game right now.

Reporter: “You’re approaching potentially something you’ve never experienced before which is unrestricted free agency. Does that kind of add a little bit of nerves or excitement or pressure to how you approach?

Hanifin: “No. For sure it’s a big year but you know it’s just another year as well. I’ve played for a long time now. This will be my ninth season and just got to go out and I feel I’ve learned a lot and gotten better in different areas. I’m looking to take another stride in my game this year and see what happens.”

Wes Gilbertson: Flames GM Craig Conroy on Wednesday on the Hanifin contract situation: “He wants to see how it goes this year … He did indicate that he wasn’t going to re-sign in the summer. But that doesn’t mean he won’t ever re-sign.”