NHL Rumors: Canucks, Senators, Sabres and Maple Leafs
Benning on their No. 9 pick. Senators willing to move the No. 10. Jack Eichel and Sabres to meet. Wayne Simmonds open to returning to the Leafs.
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Benning on their No. 9 pick

Ben Kuzman: Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning on trading the No. 9 pick in the 2021 NHL draft: “We’re going to look at everything. We’re going to call other teams. I know we’re going to get a real good player in the draft. We’re going to have to get a young player who we feel is worth trading the pick. We’re keeping options open.”

Senators willing to move their No. 10 pick

TSN Simmer: Sources are saying that the Ottawa Senators would be willing to move up or down from the No. 10 slot.

If they trade the No. 10 pick, they would want a player that could make an impact immediately.

If they keep the pick, they will take the best player available and not by need, and are confident they would get a good player at 10.

Eichel and Sabres to meet … No timeframe for Sabres coaching hire

John Vogl: Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams continues to say the organization doesn’t want Jack Eichel to have a surgery that no other NHL player has had before.

It’s been 12 weeks now for Eichel’s rest period. They will be gathering and going over information over the next few days before Adams and Eichel’s camp talk.

John Vogl: Sabres GM Adams said that he’s interviewed head coaching candidates from the NHL, AHL, college and European. Adams added.

“We’re continuing to go through that. I don’t have a timeline of exactly when this will wrap up.”

Simmonds open to returning to the Leafs if they are interested

Sportsnet: Wayne Simmonds, a pending UFA, on his future with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“I got no clue to be honest with you. Like I said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time this year playing for the Leafs. Although it is a sport we play, you know we love the game we play, it is a business though.

We didn’t get past that Game 7 threshold so I honestly don’t know what management’s thought process is, how the coaching staff feels about the support pieces on the team.

I’d definitely be open to coming back, that’s for sure. But like I said, it is a business and only time will tell.”