NHL Rumors: Claude Giroux and the Ottawa Senators

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun: The Sens Panel (Bruce Garrioch with Nicolas St. Pierre and Wayne Scanlan) on the idea of Claude Giroux and the Ottawa Senators.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Bruce Garrioch: “I think the Ottawa Senators, and let’s be quick about this and it’s probably a bigger discussion for another day, but I think the Ottawa Senators will take a run at Claude Giroux in the offseason. And I believe the Montreal Canadiens will as well.

Would that fit the bill of the top-six forward they need? Nick let’s start with you, you know him well.”

St. Pierre: “And I love him big-time. So, that would be a great acquisition. Leadership, experience, all that he wants. I wrote to him actually, said first, 1000 game, go win a Stanley Cup. Next summer, winter, come and help us with the Senators….

At that level Bruce, Wayne, Pierre Dorion put a lot of heat on himself, and when he said, ‘Don’t judge us now, but judge us in September.’ I would have said, ‘we’re gonna judge you Pierre’ honestly, he has to be the most aggressive general manager.

Whoever he chose to be the top-six forward veteran, and we hope it’s Giroux, a local guy, and I’m sure he’s going to be popular with everybody. But he needs to lay down the cash and he needs to give him whatever he needs. And the Senators have to prove, and those guys have to win.  So he has a lot of pressure to find that needle in the haystack. Let’s go. Claude Giroux big-time.

Scanlan: “Nick, I’m sold, absolutely sold. Listen guys, he’s from here. His wife is from here. They would love play here and winning a Stanley Cup or even getting close, means that he could maybe join a team like Ottawa that’s kind of in the process. I think he’d be a great fit and would definitely be in that top-six scenario for Ottawa.”