NHL Rumors: David Pastrnak Next Contract With Bruins Will Take Time

Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak Could Follow Similar Path to Filip Forsberg and the Nashville Predators

Sportsnet: In the latest episode of the 32 Thoughts Podcast: Find for Flying, Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek discuss the latest negotiations between David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins and why a contract has not been signed yet.

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Jeff Marek: David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins what is happening here? I mentioned a few moments ago about Jakob Chychrun and what is happening there, what is the timeline, we have been waiting on this for a while. What is happening with David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins?

Friedman: “January 1st is Sunday. Anybody on a one-year contract can sign an extension. The Pastrnak thing to me screams Filip Forsberg. J.P. Barry has been around a long time and represents Pastrnak. And last year Filip Forsberg went past the trade deadline and right up until the moment free agency began. And it got done.

I believe at the end of the day Filip Forsberg wanted to stay a Predator and Nashville wanted him to stay a Predator. But there was a dance. Predators general manager David Poile and J.P. were grinders and it was not easy on the player. But I believed it was going to get because that is what everyone wanted.

The Boston Bruins historically have always had team-friendly deals. from Ray Bourque to Zdeno Chara to Patrice Bergeron to David Krejci to Brad Marchand to Pastrnak’s current deal that he is on. Players are making a ton more and they fit into a team structure.

Charlie McAvoy moved the needle but still a team-friendly deal. He could have gotten more on the open market.”

Marek: “All I’m saying is that McAvoy doesn’t fit into that Ray Bourque model. The Bourque model is I’m gonna take less as a favour to the Bruins organization and it is going to keep everyone else’s salary down.”

Friedman: “Look McAvoy moved the needle there is no question about it. You know Pastrnak is going to move the needle too. At the end of the day, I think Pastrnak wants to be a Bruin and the Bruins want Pastrnak to stay a Bruin. The Bruins are playing with a little fire here.

Boston has a way that it has always been that the crest on the front is more important than the name on the back. But I think they have to bend here and I think they will. At the end of the day, I think Pastrnak stay and it gonna be a big contract. Bigger than we have seen for the Bruins.”