NHL Rumors: Do the Vancouver Canucks trade or re-sign Luke Schenn?

Sekeres and Price: Rick Dhaliwal on the Sekeres and Price show on if the Vancouver Canucks should trade defenseman Luke Schenn or re-sign him.

“Let me say this too on the trade front. Luke Schenn is going to be the player that gets the most calls in Vancouver. You better take that to the bank.

Low cap hit. Great leader. He’d be a perfect fit on a playoff bound team that looking for that type of guy.

Host: “The more they use him in late, tight games, that shows that he’s more than a seventh guy on a contender. He can play a sixth role.

Dhaliwal: “You nailed it. And guys. leadership. He sticks up for teammates. When I look back at the Kevin Bieksa speech on culture, I can’t stop to think about Luke Schenn. He’s exactly what you need more of in a dressing room.

He’s a UFA. I don’t get the sense there’s a lot of urgency right now to re-sign Luke Schenn but this is a player that the club, the Canucks, absolutely have a ton of respect for. So it’s going to be interesting.

Two things are going to happen. At some point they are going to get to his agent, possibly talk about an extension or they’re just going to move this guy, who’s going to have a lot of teams after him. He had a lot of teams last year after him guys.

People don’t know. Last year’s trade deadline, Canucks made a very wise decision to keep him for culture, dressing room, team reasons. He had a lot of calls last year guys. And this year his play has not gone unnoticed but the club absolutely. Boudreau raves about him. Rutherford raves about him. Allvin raves about him.

It’s kind of cool that Luke Schenn has resurrected his career in Vancouver.”