NHL Rumors: Does Trevor Zegras Have a Future With the Anaheim Ducks?

NHL on TNT: The panel talks about Trevor Zegras’ future with the Anaheim Ducks.

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Liam McHugh: “On the other side, this Ducks team, it’s all about the future, right? They’re a few years away from really doing anything. But the question is, and it’s amazing considering where this conversation was surrounding Zegers a few years ago, is Trevor Zegras a real part of this future with Anaheim?”

Anson Carter: “I think he should be but there’s a lot of question marks and that’s just based on what they have now and what they have coming. Cutter Gauthier coming from the Philadelphia Flyers. Top prospect doing big things in Hockey East. Then you’ve got Leo Carlson, who I think’s gonna be a stud. And you’ve got Mason McTavish now too.

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So it’s an embarrassment of riches down the middle for the Ducks. So they have to figure out, is Zegras the player, Biz, that they dangle out there to maybe bolster defensive core. Because when you look at the other players, maybe who are one dimensional, but I still like Trevor Zegras as a hockey player.”

Paul Bissonnette: “And I hate to give up on these guys so young sometimes, right? They’re gonna have plenty of time to adjust to their game. But I would say from a contract standpoint, that was a bit of a distraction coming into season. He’s dealt with the injuries but for me, if he wants to be an Anaheim Duck, the way they seem to be building that roster out, he just has to develop more assets to just that high-end skill. Get a little bit more involved defensively. Put a little bit more muscle on Wayne, and I don’t know how you feel about it.”

Wayne Gretzky: “No, I feel the same way as you do. You can’t just give up on the guy. I mean, the guy missed a lot of action this year, over the course of his career, in minor hockey and then all the way up to the first couple of years in the NHL.

We know he’s got tremendous ability and great talent. He got off to a slow start over the contract talks. He gets injured. Let’s say, let’s not panic and good general managers, good organizations, don’t panic. I would be surprised if they moved him.”

McHugh: “Again, as I said at the top of the show, missed 51 games this year. He’s 23 years old.”

Carter: “Yeah, he’s a kid.”

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McHugh: “We’re talking about him like he’s, you know, 35 years old and he’s …”

Bissonnette: “Bright lights were on and they’re getting go. He pulled off the Michigan move and all of a sudden there was a lot of hatred toward him because of that fancy style of play.”