NHL Rumors: Dreger on Shane’s Pinto’s Contract Situation Could Play Out

TSN: Darren Dreger on That’s Hockey on how RFA forward Shane Pinto’s suspension will affect his contract negotiations with the Ottawa Senators.

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Gino Reda: “Now, I mentioned that Pinto is a restricted free agent with the Ottawa Senators. So he doesn’t even have a contract right now, what can happen if anything on the signing front?

Dreger: “Well, the Ottawa Senators are more likely to wait until the suspension has been lifted in January and then assign them to a contract. Maybe it’s a disqualifying offer.

But let’s just back it up here a little bit because, as the NHL is acknowledged, this investigation has been ongoing for the better part of two weeks. Well, that certainly aligns with how quiet things got from both the team perspective and those in the Pinto camp specific to negotiations.

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But prior to this two-week investigation, there was lots of back and forth. There was an amicable talk on what a contract extension might look like for Shane Pinto. Well, those offers have been rescinded, as has been reported, rescinded by the Ottawa Senators. So now it’s likely in their best interest because there’ll be no cap hit applied here. He doesn’t have a contract to wait until January, sign him to the qualifying offer or somewhere around that offer. Doesn’t have to be that and then move forward.

But as you’ve already acknowledged here Gino, this is important. The Ottawa Senators by no means are giving up on Shane Pinto. He’s a heck of a hockey player. They’d love to have him. Can’t wait to get him back. So they’re looking forward to getting that relationship back on track in the new year.

Reda: “Dregs, he can’t return until near the end of January. That means he’s gonna miss about four months of the season. What’s he do between now and then. Is he allowed to have any contact with the team to stay in shape so that when he can return, he can indeed return?

Dreger: “Yeah, I mean, that’s a little bit murky. Look, he doesn’t have a contract and if he doesn’t get that contract, which it’s unlikely because of the cap implications, then he’s probably going to have to train from afar.

I mean, he’s been in the Ottawa area. He’s not there now, but he’s been in the Ottawa area training over the last couple of weeks. Perhaps he returns but Shane Pinto is likely going to have to skate on his own, continuing to train and get as ready as he can be to make his NHL debut in 2024.

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Reda: There’s no specific fine attached to this 41 game suspension to Shane Pinto, but you can’t help but think this could indeed cost him millions of dollars. Hockey insider Darren Dreger.”