NHL Rumors: Evander Kane and the Toronto Maple Leafs
NHL Rumors focus on the latest with Evander Kane and then a look at what the Toronto Maple Leafs could do come the trade deadline.
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The Evander Kane situation remains delicate

Daniel Kaplan and Kevin Kurz of The Athletic:  Evander Kane heads towards a possible split from the San Jose Sharks. Rumors suggest it may be the San Jose Sharks that void his contract. The key in this is may. An extension was granted to June 7th for San Jose and Evander Kane.

The murky situation becomes muddier. San Jose is at the bottom of the league standings-wise. Voiding the contract makes sense from that standpoint. Then, there is the counterpoint. Kane plays well enough for San Jose. Finally, there is the off-ice issue with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How this ends is anyone’s guess. Time will be needed to determine the next move(s) with Evander Kane.

Toronto Maple Leafs striking while the team is hot?

James Mirtle of The Athletic:  Toronto maintains an excellent position and enjoys a rare abundance of leverage. They could make a bevy of moves including a bigger trade or two.

The question has to be asked. Is the time now?

Next year, the Toronto Maple Leafs return to a division that features Tampa Bay, Florida, etc. Can Toronto keep this core together? Frederik Andersen and Zach Hyman could wind up elsewhere. Will Toronto be able to replace or bring back some of their cheaper UFA options?

Then, there is the looming expansion draft.

It is why striking while the iron is hot becomes more of a possibility. If this market pans out and becomes a real buyers’ market, then what? Cap constraints are about $1.5-2 million for Toronto. A little salary retention goes a long way which helps the Maple Leafs. Who might they target come April 12th or before?

Eric Staal makes the most sense from Buffalo. The Sabres expect to be a massive seller if anyone wants to take their players. That being said, Staal is one teams covet — particularly Toronto.

Toronto possesses picks in abundance which helps facilitates trades too. If bigger names happen to come on the market like Kyle Palmieri, Filip Forsberg, and several others. Depth can be easily added as well.

Again, opportunity knocks. It is up to Toronto whether they barge through that front door or play it a little more safe.