NHL Rumors I: Ehrhoff, Richards, Moulson, Michalek, Hemsky, Miller and the Canucks
  • Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun: The Red Wings and a lot of Western Conference teams could be interested Christian Ehrhoff.NHL Executive on players no-trade clauses.

    “It complicates your life, no question,” an NHL team exec said of players’ having no-go lists. “It’s just another restriction we have to put up with in a cap system — and more players are getting full no-movement clauses in their contracts.

    “Some teams benefit from that at times, like when an agent calls up and says: ‘We want to come to your team’ and you weren’t really aware of it. But it can be a double-edged sword if they just want to come (for a sunset season or strictly personal satisfaction). So you have to be careful.”

    The Islanders have contacted Brad Richards.

    The Islanders and Sabres are interested in Matt Moulson.

    Milan Michalek could be interested in joining his brother Zbynek in Arizona. The Coyotes are one of 12 interested.

    Ales Hemsky could be looking to $5+ million, but he might not be able to get it.

  • Iain MacIntyre of the Vancouver Sun: The Canucks need scoring help and will likely look at adding a veteran goalie. They could be interested in signing the 34-year old Ryan Miller.
  • Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province: The Canucks have about $18 million in salary cap space.

    “Some of the things we’ve done (in Philadelphia) is supply depth to our organization. Now, we want to sign guys who can make an impact,” Benning said. “We’ve cleared out money and we can be active. That’s what we wanted — so that in free agency, if we see something we want to do, we can now do it.”

    “We are going to go after pieces that we think can make the team better.

    Could one of those pieces be a starting goalie, say Ryan Miller?
    “It could be,” Benning said. “He could be the guy.”

    Miller is in Vancouver and is expected to meet with the team today.

    Two potential scoring free agents that might be of interest to the Canucks are Matt Moulson and Mike Cammalleri.