NHL Rumors: Is there a Situation Where the Chicago Blackhawks Would Trade Patrick Kane?
It's looking like it could be a tough year or two for the Chicago Blackhawks. Could they consider trading Patrick Kane at some point?
Is there a situation where the Chicago Blackhawks would trade Patrick Kane?

Sportsnet: Given the Chicago Blackhawks situation heading into the season without Jonathan Toews and Kirby Dach, with their goaltenders, the Blackhawks could be one of the worst teams in the league.

Patrick Kane has three years left on his deal, he loves big games, the playoffs and the big stage. The Blackhawks might be in the same position next season. Would he want to be a part of a rebuild?

Elliotte Friedman is asked if he sees a situation where the Blackhawks would trade Patrick Kane.

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“When John McDonagh was the president, and obviously he’s not there anymore, I remember talking just about it once with him and he said, ‘Kane and Toews were going to retire Blackhawks.’ This was several years ago and he said, ‘those guys, not on my watch.’

I mean, look, the way I always look at it is this, what situation do you see him getting traded? Do you see the Chicago Blackhawks going to Patrick Kane? The one thing you have to look at here is, when this is over, you have to sell tickets and all these teams are going to be trying to make money. In a gate driven league after fans have been out of games for a year and a half, what do you think gives the Blackhawks a better chance to sell tickets – Patrick Kane or no Patrick Kane?”

When asked about the return since he’ll have two years left after this season, the return could be big.

“That’s the thing, if you look at now Ryan, they gave Colliton an extension this week. Stan Bowman, Jeremy Colliton, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith – they’re all up in the summer of 2023. Everybody.

So that says to me, that’s what we’re looking at. Where are we in two years?”