NHL Rumors: Is Vancouver Canucks Coach Bruce Boudreau on the Hot Seat?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – It’s Red Hot Behind the Bench talking about coaches who may be on the hot seat. (The podcast was recorded Sunday night – before their game on Monday night)

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Marek: “The other coach that’s feeling it now after coughing up back-to-back leads and they’re now 0-2 to kick off the season, Bruce Boudreau of the Vancouver Canucks.

We all know what happened last summer, and this is tough.”

Friedman: “Did you see the hard skate on Sunday?”

Marek: “Yes.”


“But I’m really curious about this one. They played Saturday afternoon. They lose in Philadelphia. They’re off Sunday and they have a hard skate, then they play Monday in Washington and Tuesday in Columbus.

And also, don’t forget Vancouver’s travel. They were in Edmonton on Wednesday night and they played Saturday afternoon in Philly. Forgive me Jeff. You have more a career than I do and you have kids who play and I don’t. I would this would be an unusual day to have a hard skate, on the off day three and four. Agree or disagree?

Marek: “On the road like this? Yeah.”

Friedman: “It’s not like Bruce Boudreau is inexperienced. He’s been around hockey for 50 years. That’s said a lot to me that they’re doing that, and I’m curious to see how they come out to play.

I just hope they don’t come out of gas because of that. I really don’t because everyone’s going to point to that practice. I can see what can happen.

But J.T. Miller, again, you always look at who eats it.”

Marek: “Oh, he ate it.”

Friedman: “When things are going badly. Like sometimes life serves up that poop sandwich and you have no choice but to say, ‘oh, I’m going to put some mustard on this and see if I can make it taste okay.’ Just like Lindy Ruff, sometimes you have to eat it. J.T. Miller, I give him credit, he ate it. On the ice for all eight goals against.

We we’re talking about that last night. Watched the clip after the show. We didn’t have time for it in the show unfortunately. And Kelly and Kevin didn’t realize he was on for all eight goals against and when I told them and they were like, ”yewwww.” No player. No player likes that. No body.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription