NHL Rumors: Jack Eichel, Travis Hamonic, Adam Fox and Jack Hughes
A slow pace for Eichel trade talks

Chris Johnston of the Toronto Star: From inside the Buffalo Sabres trade discussion involving Jack Eichel: “It’s going to take some time.”

Canucks will stay internal for now

TSN: With Vancouver Canucks defenseman Travis Hamonic taking a temporary unpaid leave of absence, they now have a hole on their blue line. Pierre LeBrun:

“So even though Travis Hamonic is off the cap right now, you don’t go out and just replace that cap money because eventually he’ll be back on the cap if he’s coming back to be a Vancouver Canuck, so for now Tucker PoolmanTyler Myers are your top two on the right side and the Canucks will try to make that work.”

Very preliminary talks for Fox and the Rangers

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that the New York Rangers and Adam Fox‘s reps have held preliminary talks about an extension.

“His camp will be looking for a contract that starts with a nine, now I’m told there have been very preliminary discussions, very preliminary, nothing serious in nature yet. The thing is, the Rangers have spent a lot of their cap money. You think about Mika Zibanejad’s extension that starts next year at $8.5, Panarin makes $11.6, I think they overpaid for Barclay Goodrow, so it’s not Adam Fox who’s going to pay the price for the Rangers cap issues moving forward.”

Hughes’ side likely won’t be in a rush

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that the New Jersey Devils and Jack Hughes reps have held initial contract extension talks. The Devils could be looking at what the Montreal Canadiens and Nick Suzuki did.

“In Jack Hughes’ case, I think the Devils, for sure, are probably saying let’s sign this young franchise player before he really pops this year. He’s not had that huge year yet, but you feel that it’s coming here. That’s why I think Pat Brisson and CAA are going to say what’s the hurry, for sure they’re going to get him signed but does it have to be right away, this could take a while.”