NHL Rumors: Jacob Markstrom is a Perfect Fit for the Devils

Jacob Markstrom is Exactly What the Devils Need To Solve the Goalie Issue

TSN Hockey Analyst Martin Biron joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter, and when asked about the best fit for Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom, Biron responded with the New Jersey Devils.

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NHL Rumors: Jacob Markstrom Trade To New Jersey is Complicated

Jay Onrait: “Let’s bring back TSN Hockey Analyst Marty Biron to about the latest Trade Bait List. Marty, there’s been a lot of movement. In fact, Jake Markstrom, you and I’ve been talking about him a lot this season; he jumped from number 35 last week to number one this week. We know that teams that are interested in upgrading their goaltending teams like Jersey, Carolina, and Colorado. Do you see a fit with any of those squads for Jake Markstrom?”

Martin Biron: “Not only do I see a fit, Jay. I see a perfect fit. Right, we just had Valentine’s Day. This is a match made in heaven with the New Jersey Devils. Calgary was just in New Jersey, and so the Devils got to see the best of Jacob Markstrom. But I really feel that with the return of Jack Hughes and the step forward the Devils want to make, I think there’s an opportunity in the Eastern Conference for the Devils to make their way to the Stanley Cup Final, and Jacob Markstrom would be just the piece that they need right now.

NHL Rumors: Jacob Markstrom Solves Devils Goaltending Needs

And really, like, what else is there? I understand that it’s gonna cost a lot for the Devils to acquire Jacob Markstrom Yes, two more years at 6 million. That’s not just this season, but it would help you for the next two years. But what else is out there? You know, Jake Allen, Marc-Andre Fleury. John Gibson, Kaapo Kahkonen.

But there’s nobody that’s close to the level of Jacob Markstrom right now. And if you’re Devils and you’re serious about the aspiration that you have to go deep in the playoffs with the players that you have right now, you got to get a goaltender. I think the only option and the perfect fit is Jacob Markstrom.”