NHL Rumors: Jacob Markstrom, Linus Ullmark, and Jake Allen

It sounds like Jacob Markstrom isn’t going anywhere, Linus Ullmark‘s value now increased and Jake Allen could be on the move

Anthony Di Marco: It’s sounding like the Calgary Flames want to send the right message to the team and plan on hanging onto goaltend Jacob Markstrom for the rest of the season.

David Pagnotta: The New Jersey Devils tried circling back to the Flames on Markstrom but the Flames are now saying they plan on keeping Markstrom for the rest of the season.

Steve Conroy: Would image that the Flames keeping Markstrom would raise Boston Bruins Linus Ullmark’s value.

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Daily Faceoff: Frank Servalli on the goaltending market and how Montreal Canadiens’ Jake Allen could be the one goaltender that could be moved at the deadline.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“I would say with regards to Allen that if there is a goalie to move between now and next Friday, the best bet would be Al;en. I think the Habs are motivated to do that. I think they’re motivated to clean up their crease a little bit after carrying three goalies all season.

They’ve got one retain salary transaction slot left available and Allenn could be that guy. And the intriguing part about Allen is you could knock him down to half-price. 1.9 million bucks this year and next.

I know people are down on Allen’s game but I’m not. His first 253 games play in the NHL .911 save percentage. I think he’s been playing with a tough team in front of him. And I think perhaps he’s one of those guys that could maybe use a change of scenery. But I see no reason why he can’t bounce back.

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