NHL Rumors: James Reimer, Jake Allen, and Nazem Kadri

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The goalie free agent market is thin, so teams looking for a goalie could turn to James Reimer or Jake Allen

Marco D’Amico of Montreal Hockey Now: The Vegas Golden Knights, Philadelphia Flyers, and Arizona Coyotes are among the teams with their eye on the goalie market.

San Jose Sharks James Reimer and Montreal Canadiens Jake Allen have found their names back in the rumor mill. Carey Price‘s health will go a long way in determining what the Canadiens do.

A source last week said the Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes make sense for Allen.

The free agent market is a little thin at that point.

The Canadiens could have three NHL-capable goaltenders if Price is healthy. By the start of the season, Allen’s value could increase if other teams have some goalie injuries.

The Canadiens don’t have to move Allen, but if they get the right offer, he could be dealt.

Nazem Kadri signing with the Islanders is “going to happen very soon”

Sekeres and Price: John Shannon on the Sekeres and Price show on Nazem Kadri.

“I do think he ends up with the New York Islanders. I think that there are still some chairs to move on the deck of the cruise ship before they can announce it but it wouldn’t surprise me that it gets done this week at some point.”

Host: Asking what is needing to be sorted out. Is it something between New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello and Kadri’s agent?


“I don’t know that for a fact at all Blake, but I do know is that Lou has to move some money too. So that becomes the bigger story line. Where is Lou moving some of the money too? And quite frankly, have Darren Ferris the agent and Naz, have they finally realized that his price point isn’t as high as the one he expected to get near $9 million.

So, how the information of the deal getting done this week as leaked is absolutely amazing to me but I got it from a very good source that it’s going to happen very soon.”

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