NHL Rumors: Latest Patrik Laine Rumblings

Laine likely on the move to help fill Jets needs

WGR 550: John Shannon: “Winnipeg needs some help on the blue line and need to re-invent their defense. Patrik Laine may have to go in order to get their desired piece… Nik Ehlers has a more attractive contract, so they will likely look to move Laine.”

Multiple teams talking to the Jets

Darren Dreger: The Winnipeg Jets have held talks multiple times with different teams about Patrik Laine and other Jets players. There hasn’t been a fit so far.

The Jets aren’t selling off assets, they are looking to fill holes – a second-line center and help on the blue line.

They will eventually fill the holes, but if it involves moving Laine or someone else remains to be seen.

Laine talks with the Flyers have cooled

Frank Seravalli: Believe that the Philadelphia Flyers had been one of the more engaged teams with the Jets about Laine, but talks appeared to have cooled for now.

Talks did involve a defenseman going to the Jets. Flyers defenseman Matt Niskanen retiring doesn’t play a role in any potential Laine trade for the Flyers.

Trading Patrik Laine is complicated

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman last night on whether the Winnipeg Jets will trade forward Patrik Laine.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“I do think they are going to try. I still think those conversations continue. It’s a complicated deal, Ken, because I think that they’re asking a lot in return, what they want for the package. And the team not only knows that they have to give up a lot, but they also have to look and say “What’s it going to cost us financially to sign Patrik Laine?”

He’s a year away from another year of another restricted free agent contract. I think teams are gonna want to know, can they can sign him long-term? What’s it going to cost them to sign him long-term? Cause if you’re giving up good young players, you want to know if he’s going to be in your organization.

On pure skills he’s a heck of a player. He’s going to score a lot of goals in this league. I think a lot of teams are interested, but in the combination of what it’s going to take to sign him and what you are gonna to have to give up to get him, I think it makes this complicated.”