NHL Rumors: Latest Taylor Hall Trade Rumors – Avs A Perfect Match?
New Jersey Devils Taylor Hall trade rumors
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Friedman on the latest Taylor Hall rumors

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Hockey Central on the latest Taylor Hall trade rumors.

(My NHL Trade Rumors transcription)

“Well I think, you know I think that New Jersey is motivated to try to see if they could get it done, quickly. We’ll see.

As CJ reported on Saturday night that he thinks that Colorado is the most likely destination, but not done obviously. I think a lot of us are kind of expecting that. It makes a lot of sense. They have a lot of prospects, their window to win is definitely now. They can make the kind of trade that New Jersey would like to make.

I still think there are other teams kicking around. I’m not expecting it to be anything more than a rental at this time.

I know Arizona has looked in there, not sure what the possibility of that is. But I do think New Jersey is motivated now, Anthony, to try and get this done if they can.”

Marek mentions Arizona, Dallas, and St. Louis. Friedman adds

“I think some of these teams have looked at it and said they don’t know if they can make it work. New Jersey is willing to keep money to make the deal better and facilitate it, and that is smart. You know we had Doug Armstrong on in the pregame on Saturday night, and I think Tarasenko’s situation could affect what St. Louis is able to do, if he’s back in the regular season, that will make it harder on them.

And also, do these teams have the prospects or are they willing to give up the prospects/picks that New Jersey wants to do. I mean it’s hard to not look at this and say, “Colorado,” it really isn’t. It’s a perfect match in a lot of ways if Colorado decides that’s the player they want.

But until it’s done, it’s not done, and I guarantee you, I tell you someone else too. You know who I hear is looking for a scorer? Is the Islanders.”

Marek asks Friedman if the Devils would do a deal with the Islanders?

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you this, it’s not like Lamoriello is going to tell us.”