NHL Rumors: Market Will Determine What Canadiens Do With Their Goalies

Montreal Will Continue To Wait and See If and When They Move One of Their Three Goalies

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joined TSN Radio in Montreal on Monday and was asked from a Montreal Canadiens perspective how long before the team decides to go back to just two goaltenders.

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Host: “Just from a Canadiens perspective. They’re still carrying their three goalies. Do you expect that to play itself out the remainder of the calendar year, the remainder of the NHL year, at some point do they go back to two goalies? What are you seeing from that standpoint?”

Dave Pagnotta: “Yeah, I think it’s gonna come down to, you know, if there are other injuries around the league. The Canadiens know where they’re, where they’re at, and, and the Canadiens are in a position where everybody knows where they’re at, right?

Like they, this is not a contending team. They’re a rebuilding team. They want their young kids to play. Obviously, you’d love to be able to get your goaltenders more, more opportunities, but because they’re not at the top tier level right now they can afford the hold three a little bit longer than they probably would like.

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But they’re trying to get Montembault locked into an extension. That may affect another team’s interest levels. It may affect their willingness to potentially move on a guy like you know, like, like Jake Allen, so I think they’re gonna keep their cards open.

I think teams know where they’re at. With respect to their goaltenders. And if the right deal falls into place, whether it’s Edmonton or you know, another club that’s looking to to add somebody as a as a one B or on a veteran backup presence to have an Allen there, who’s got another year on his deal. The Canadiens know they’ve got those assets in their pockets.”