NHL Rumors: New York Rangers, and the Boston Bruins
Do the Boston Bruins pull the trigger on Tyler Toffoli or wait on Chris Kreider?
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Rangers still going to talk to Kreider about an extension

TSN: The New York Rangers are going to talk to pending UFA Chris Kreider, but they could eventually search out a deal, and possibly retain a good portion of his contract according to Darren Dreger.

“There’s still going to be contract discussions, perhaps negotiations with Rangers management. But it’s assumed that Chris Kreider’s most likely going to be traded. Of course there is interest in this power forward. And there is a sense that the New York Rangers will be willing to retain as much as 50 per cent of the salary. If that’s the case and the deal is right, then you could look at some of the big dogs like the St. Louis Blues, maybe the Boston Bruins to take a run at Chris Kreider.”

Do the Bruins pull the trigger on Toffoli or wait on Kreider?

Matt Kalman of WEEI: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek were talking about New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider on their 31 Thoughts podcast.

“My opinion is changing almost on the day on Kreider,” Friedman said. “Because I’ve had guys tell me that they think the Rangers are starting to think more and more about do they keep him.

“And again this will all play out over the next six weeks, but you get rid of him, it’s hard to replace.”

Freidman also brings up that their top couple lines are gaining some chemistry and are rolling offensively. He adds that Mika Zibanjad will be needing a deal soon and how much will that cost?

Freidman doesn’t list an acquisition cost for Kreider, but notes a prospect and a high draft pick to start.

The Boston Bruins can trade for Tyler Toffoli basically at any point according to Friedman.

“I’ll tell you this, I do think Boston, if they wanted to, could do a deal for Toffoli almost at any time. I think they know they’ve got that in their hip pocket,” Friedman said. “So the question is: do you do that or do you wait for Kreider?”

Cost to acquire would likely be a high draft pick or high-level prospect .