NHL Rumors: New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks

Is there a scenario where the Rangers don’t really need someone like Patrick Kane?

Larry Brooks of the NY Post: 10 months ago brought up the idea of the New York Rangers trading for Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane to get two playoff runs with him.

Kane has been linked to the Rangers this year, but if their top-six wingers produce, is there a need for him? The Rangers don’t have much salary cap space to work with this season.

Can the early play of Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere be sustained all season? Could the Rangers enter the trade deadline without having to move either Kakko or Lafreniere or their first-round picks or their blue-chip prospects?

The trade deadline is five months away but if Kakko and Lafreniere can remain in their top-six, the Rangers may not have to give up the assets for Kane.

What is Conor Garland‘s future with the Canucks?

Sekeres and Price: Darren Dreger on Conor Garland after being a healthy scratch on Wednesday night.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“What I was told was that it was an earned healthy scratch which is an inditement individually on the player of course. But beyond that because of the status, quote-unquote, of Conor Garland.

It was an opportunity to deliver the message to the team as well. Now let’s see whether or not they’re going to absorb the message. It didn’t appear to be against the Columbus Blue Jackets because it’s the same old four games into the regular season and the ability to protect the lead is just something the Vancouver Canucks haven’t mastered to this point of the regular season.

I’m more interested in what the long-term bigger picture, future of Conor Garland looks like. It smells to me like he doesn’t fit the eye of Bruce Boudreau. He doesn’t.

When was the last time Conor Garland was given any opportunity on a power play? You tell me. He’s a smallish player, I mean it’s obvious. But there’s something about his game that doesn’t mesh with Bruce.

So what’s the end result of this? The guy has a contract, so he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. And the head coach doesn’t have the same contract.”