NHL Rumors: NHL Scheduling, and the Vegas Golden Knights

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The NHL hasn’t spoken with the NHLPA about an 84-game schedule

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff on 32 Thoughts on an 84-game NHL schedule.

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“A lot of reporting about the scheduling this week and what could happen in the NHL. There’s a lot of teams that just don’t like that a lot of the rivalries like Calgary-Edmonton is over. Soon to be over, Rangers-Islanders.

Jeff, one of your old buddies Greg Wyshynski hit what is kind of being discussed yesterday. And that is a movement to an 84 game season potentially. Four versus the other seven in your division, three versus the other division in your conference and two versus the other conference. Also, fewer preseason games.

When the NFL went to 18 regular season games, they dropped the preseason to three. I think that is the kind of model this is based on. There is a will to discuss this but Jeff, there are hurdles including one, the players.

NHL Schedule Changes Being Discussed, Nothing Imminent – Jim Biringer

Marek: “Well, so far there has been no contact between the NHL and the players association on this one at all. But I can tell you informally over the last few years, this has been discussed between the NHL and the players association.

I think you hit it though, fewer preseason would be crucial to curry favor with the players association and I think and I think as well Ron, a shorter training camp. I think that might be the path to this new arrangement.


Don’t forget about the Vegas Golden Knights

Owen Krepps of Vegas Hockey Now: The New York Islanders, Colorado Avalanche and New York Rangers could be the front-runners for pending UFA Bo Horvat, but don’t count the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Golden Knights’ salary cap position and division rivals decrease their odds. They do have $3.4 million in current cap space, but that will shrink when some players come off the LTIR. They’d need to move out some salary in a deal.

Horvat trade proposal: Goaltend Laurent Brossoit for cap purposes, Brendan Brisson, Lukas Cormier, and a 2023 first-round pick for Horvat with $2.25 million retained.