NHL Rumors: October 12th is the real deadline for Rasmus Sandin and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Update: The Toronto Maple Leafs sign Rasmus Sandin to a two-year, $2.8 million deal.

SPDN Sports: Chris Johnston on if there has been any progress between the Toronto Maple Leafs and RFA defenseman Rasmus Sandin and when will we find out some details.

“The true deadline if you want to look at it that way is October 12th. That’s when the season starts. That’s when the cap hit starts being calculated for the Leafs. Won’t go into the details but essentially every day into the season before Rasmus Sandin was signed, it changes what his cap hit would be and basically makes it harder for the Leafs to accommodate a cap hit.

So I think both sides would recognize getting a deal done at the absolute latest by the start of the season as the deadline.

But you know we’re still talking with a 22-year-old defenseman here and you know, he’s one that I think the Leafs want to give the best opportunity to be ready for the season.

So, I think that there’ll be a pretty strong push to get him back in camp, to get him to Toronto. He’s in Sweden as of Monday morning, and have him on the ice with a team to practice, to play some pre-season games and obviously get some conditioning skates in. It’s just, you can’t replicate that, I don’t think truly on your own.

So, I would say, look for some action there pretty soon. I don’t have much more information in terms of exactly where the deals are at more than I’ve said in the past on our pod. But, you know, I do still think it’s going to be a short-term deal for Sandin and I think there’s a real, a real push on to get him over to Toronto this week and get him skating in training camp.

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