NHL Rumors: Oilers, Canucks, Penguins Canadiens, Rask, and the Penguins
Oilers to look for vets?

Chris Johnston of the Toronto Star: (mailbag) The Edmonton Oilers are trying to win this year and expect them to look for some veteran players in the last year of their contracts. Injuries will play a part in what they look to add but can see adding a goaltender and a defenseman.

Thin ice in Vancouver, Canadiens looking for Dman

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet: The Vancouver Canucks haven’t made an in-season coaching change since 1999. doesn’t get the sense that there has been any management or coaching search from the franchise. Nobody should feel safe. How things go Wednesday night and the fans reaction could help determine some action.

Will be interesting to see if the Pittsburgh Penguins sale tops $900 million.

Teams may start asking players about possibly getting Johnson & Johnson boosters.

Believe the Montreal Canadiens would be okay with adding a puck-moving defenseman.

Tuukka Rask doesn’t have a timeline for a return and the Boston Bruins remain his top priority.

A KHL free agent forward to keep an eye on is Andrei Kuzmenko. There is a lot of interest in the 26-year old.

Previous trade talks involving Chicago Blackhawks forward Dylan Strome had them looking for a prospect or draft pick. The Blackhawks will need to make a decision on pending UFA goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury at some point.

Fleury makes sense for the Penguins

Dan Rosen of NHL.com: (mailbag) Potential options for a Pittsburgh Penguins backup. Chicago Blackhawks Marc-Andre Fleury would make the most sense if they could make the $7 million salary work. He’s a pending UFA and if the Blackhawks don’t turn things around, they could look at trading him.

Current Penguins backup Casey DeSmith carries a $1.25 million cap hit could be included, but there would need to be more salary moved. Maybe the Penguins could pay a higher price to have the Blackhawks retain salary.

The Penguins may wait until closer to the deadline to see where they sit in the standings to see if it’s even worth it to give up the assets.

The Philadelphia Flyers are more likely to make a player change as opposed to a coaching change.