NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators Will Want To Make Hockey Type Trades This Summer

The Ottawa Senators could make waves this offseason

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joined TSN Radio in Montreal and was asked about what could be potentially on the move from Ottawa Senators this summer.

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NHL Rumors: Ottawa Senators Should Add Another Veteran Presence in the Offseason

Host: “When it comes to Ottawa, we keep hearing right that because of the disappointment, like nothing’s off the table come this summer, and that’s going to be a team that is going to be active, and they want to shake up their group a little bit. And the idea of who, though, could be on the move in Ottawa?”

Dave Pagnotta: “Well, I’ll throw out a name that.”

Host: “Don’t say Chychrun.”

Pagnotta: “Yeah, okay. That guy there, there’s a likelihood that those conversations pick up in the summer. There were teams that were looking at some of the other assets. Like I know, there were teams that had interest in Josh Norris before he went down. Now, how willing the Senators are to explore that, I think they’re willing to explore almost everybody, including Josh Norris, but how serious those conversations may get this summer, we’ll obviously wait and see.

NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators see Thomas Chabot as part of their future

Like Ottawa is not moving out the player who won’t be named, or Norris or another major asset in a non-hockey move. Like this is a talent for talent if they get to those points with any of their main guys, and you know, Chabot’s name was kind of out there for a little bit again, more teams making inquiries, and then you know, that kind of you know, they talked to one guy and this guy and that guy and then and then eventually spreads, but I think some of their players are certainly willing to inquire about or excuse me listen to inquiries on, but if they are going to move any of these guys, these are hockey type trades talent for talent, type moves, because this team wants and needs to start taking those next steps, which they thought was gonna happen this year, obviously, didn’t happen.”