NHL Rumors: Price For William Nylander Only Increases With Early Season Success

Early Season Success Could Effect William Nylander Negotiations Down The Road

Darren Dreger joined TSN Radio on Wednesday afternoon and was asked if Nylander’s early season play could affect the negotiations down the road in terms of what he could get on his next deal.

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Bryan Hayes: “With Darren Dreger our TSN Hockey Insider, you know big tickets, investment, William Nylander, they’re all synonymous at this point. He was great again last night. He’s been great early in the season. The Leafs obviously, you know, they’re trying to get something done.

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Nylander said he’s willing to continue to talk. Based on your history and your knowledge, not only of this situation but just the league in general, the way GMs operate, agents operate, would his early season play, like would that have any effect on on the numbers, on the term, on getting it done? Like what is, what is your understanding of how something like this would play out considering how great he’s been early in the year?”

Darren Dreger: “Yeah. Well, it can because you know, the general managers have bosses and their bosses has a board or an ownership group. And normally, you know, those higher levels of management are influenced by the market. And when you see a player like William Nylander play, as well as he is playing right now, and he’s playing that way consistently dating back to last year. This isn’t a flash because he appreciates that he’s in a contract year.

It becomes problematic unless that player is willing to, to embrace what you’ve talked about to this point. I think the numbers have been pretty clear. I mean, Toronto feels comfortable at an eight-year maximum, probably in the $9.75 million range, you know, in that vicinity. Well based on the way William Nylander playing, he could make a sound case that he’s worth more than that. He’d get a lot more than that on the open market.

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So what do you do? Well, it’s easy for him, now it isn’t, it’s a tough decision, but at least he can say, Oh, I you know, I gave them a chance. I want to make big money because I’ve earned the right to see what that market is going to show me and he leaves. That’s his choice, and he can make that choice in the months ahead.

But what if, what if the pressure above Brad Treliving is strong enough? Whereby they say, we can’t let this guy walk? He’s too good apiece. So we haven’t figured out how to keep him. And that’s where it gets interesting to me. Right?

If you’re keeping William Nylander and you’re paying him north of $10 million. Who’s going? Is it Marner? who isn’t. Somebody’s got to go because four and a half isn’t gonna cover all of the big money guys.”