NHL Rumors: Sabres Rasmus Dahlin and Avalanche’s Cale Makar
Will Rasmus Dahlin wait until Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes work out their deals? Teams have to at least think about offer sheeting Makar.
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WGR 550: Darren Dreger on WGR 550 The Instigators when asked what he’s hearing about Rasmus Dahlin.

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“No, nothing on Dahlin. The other three guys (Eichel, Reinhart and Ristolainen), I don’t know if that’s just media driven because, look, we have to talk about it because we know there have been conversations with Kevyn Adams about those players.

I’d be very surprised if some clubs general managers aren’t asking about Rasmus Dahlin. Why wouldn’t you?”

Host clears the air and says about an extension for Dahlin and not a trade. Is he waiting for Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes to work out their deals first?

“I think the latter. That can be a dangerous game to play. I mean you gotta know. You guys know, you went through it as players. What feels right? If a long-term relationship with the Buffalo Sabres feels right and the money is right and the term is right, then absolutely.

I’m sure that he’s willing to embrace that. Is a bridge more appropriate so that he can develop his game a little more and prove that in two-three years that he’s a big money player. He’s not there yet. We know that.

But then you look at some of the other ones. I got to tell you guys, I think that Cale Makar scares the living crap out of the Colorado Avalanche for a number of reasons contractually speaking, right.

We lob the offer sheet idea out almost on an annual basis right, because it does apply to certain players even though we almost never see it happen and it’s easy to critize guys like me for talking about it because it almost never happens, but if you don’t think that there are clubs around the National Hockey League who thought about it on Brayden Point. Who definitely thought about it on Mitch Marner. Who are thinking about it on Cale Marker. Of course they are thinking about it. It’s just how many times does it ever happen.”

On the compensation to offer sheet Makar. It would be over the $10.3 million.

“So you’re talking about a fist full of first-round draft picks, but again, if you believe as an organization that Cale Makar is putting you over the top, then of course you can go down that path. But look, the player also has to give in and sign the offer sheet and be willing to leave, and I believe Colorado is going to be more than fair with Cale Makar. Why would you want to leave the Colorado Avalanche?”

Dreger back to Dahlin.

“I think it does make sense for Dahlin to maybe wait and see what that market looks like.