NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames, and the Winnipeg Jets
Bennett looking for a change of scenery

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Saturday night Headlines reports that Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett has requested a trade.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“Alright, there was a great discussion in the pregame about the role of Sam Bennett in Calgary, between Kelly and Cassie, especially as the Flames are so good down the middle.

Now, there was a rumor going around this morning that Bennett might want a change of scenery, and I did call his agent Darren Ferris who said, ‘yes, that’s true, he would like it to be considered.’

The Flames are in radio silence about this. No comment from them.

One thing I gleaned in just calling around, is that they aren’t in any hurry to do it. They like their depth down the middle. They aren’t racing to make a move, but according to the agent for Sam Bennett, he would like a change of scenery.”

Eric Francis: (on Friedman’s report) “This throws a fascinating dynamic/distraction into the mix as the 24-year-old is the Flames best playoff performer, yet is a bottom six winger every regular season. Is this the Dubois Effect?”

  • Randy Sportak: “It’s an easy track for Bennett to deserve a bigger role: 1. Find consistency; 2. Make use of good opportunities; 3. Stop taking stupid stick infractions. You can’t be a top-6 player if you’ll take an OZ hooking penalty with such regularity.”

Wes Gilbertson: (on Friedman’s reports) “He’s been working either as fourth-line centre or a third-line winger. So this is all about opportunity.”

Dubois, Jets waiting on Canadian Government decision

Sportsnet: Recently acquired Pierre-Luc Dubois remains in quarantine in Winnipeg. He’s been granted a “working quarantine” by the Manitoba government according to Chirs Johnston which would allow him to start skating this week, but they need final approval from the Canadian government.

Standard quarantine is 14 days but they are wanting to have it reduced to seven.

“It makes a big difference on his availability,” Johnston said. “Obviously, if he can get on the ice this week, it would set him up to start about a week from now. If he doesn’t skate in that time, well, the timeline gets pushed back.”