NHL Rumors: Scouting Pens-Rangers, Predators, Forsberg, and Ekholm
The Nashville Predators not really interested in trading Filip Forsberg. Mattias Ekholm on his name in the rumor mill.
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Scouting the Penguins and Rangers

Dan Kingerski: Scouts listed to attend last night’s Penguins – Rangers game: Winnipeg Jets (second consecutive game), Buffalo Sabres (first time) and the Nashville Predators.

Predators not interested in trading Forsberg

ESPN 102.5 The Game: Nashville Predators GM David Poile when asked if he has an untouchable list for the Predators and if Filip Forsberg is on the list.

“I try to be, again, try to be open with everybody because you’re exchanging information. You want to hear what people have to say. So you don’t want to just set up necessarily barriers to any conversation.

Having said that, I really don’t think Filip Forsberg is going to be a guy that we have any interest in trading at this time.”

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Ekholm on the trade rumors

Adam Vingan of The Athletic: Nashville Predators defenseman Mattias Ekholm on having his name in the rumor mill.

“I don’t try to focus in on it too much,” Ekholm said Monday. “I try to focus on my game. I have two kids at home. I (don’t) have too much time to worry about it.

“With that said, I understand that part of it. Obviously I read some of it, trying not to read a whole lot of it, because, I mean, nobody knows anything right now. I know that in my time in Nashville, I’ve been very fortunate to maybe not to be in those conversations, as far as I know. But now, when I guess our team is doing bad, we understand nobody’s happy, and neither am I with the way we have played so far. So with that comes decisions for management, and that’s just a part of it. There’s not much I can worry about (when it comes to) that.”

Ekholm said that he has not asked for a trade.

If the Predators are considering trading Ekholm, they should at least be asking for a first-round pick and a quality prospect in return.