NHL Rumors: St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, and the Calgary Flames

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Blues talks with the Coyotes about Chychrun haven’t been serious

Andy Strickland: There have been rumors out there about the St. Louis Blues interest in Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakub Chychrun.

As of yesterday, there haven’t been any serious trade talks between the Blues and Coyotes. Things can always change, but nothing serious as of now.

The Stars and Jason Robertson talk daily

Pierre LeBrun: There isn’t much of an update on the Dallas Stars RFA forward Jason Robertson. Both sides said that they continue to talk daily.

Extending MacKenzie Weegar would be big for the Flames, and what it might cost

TSN: Mike Johnston on That’s Hockey talking about how big it would be if the Calgary Flames were able to sign MacKenzie Weegar to a contract extension, and what it might cost.

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“It would be significant because he’s such a good player, Jermaine. I don’t think people understand what a quality right-shot, right-handed defenseman. They’re hard to find, and he’s one of the very few guys that can do it at a high level in the NHL.

If you can lock him up. The Calgary Flames feel like they have a window to win, the next three or four years. That is it before the Kadri and Huberdeau start to get a bit older into their core ages, into their 30s. He’s right there.

He’s got three, four primetime years in him. And if they are able to secure his services, which will probably take seven- or eight-year contract at big-time money. But it will help stabilize and give them their best chance at winning in the next few years. He is that good, and so I think they will do everything in his power.


Now, MacKenzie Weegar knows this, so it won’t be an easy negotiation. I imagine he will push into the 6’s or so, and they don’t have any defensemen making that much money, so he probably ends up being the highest-paid guy when it’s all said and done in Calgary. Maybe he deserves to be, but to complete the summer, the trade, the trifecta of everything coming together for the next year for Calgary, it probably requires getting MacKenzie Weegar on a long-term contract.”