NHL Rumors: Tallon, Sullivan, and the Penguins
Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon
Image from NHL.com
Dale Tallon to be relieved of GM and President duties

Sportsnet: This felt predestined but reports have confirmed that Tallon will be dismissed by the Florida Panthers. It is the second time Tallon hired Joel Quenneville only to be fired a year after.

No one is sure of what other moves may come. However, this has the feeling of being the first domino to fall. Florida ownership previously mentioned cost cutting was likely so expect some personnel moves and decisions to be made. Furthermore, no one knows who will replace Tallon as general manager.

David Wilson:  The growing sense is that the organization’s long standing structural issues will lead to more changes besides the sacking of Dale Tallon. What personnel moves could entail is anyone’s guess? The perennial defensive breakdowns have sent a clear message that change is needed.

Mike Sullivan‘s stock is rapidly falling?

Josh Yohe of The Athletic: The Pittsburgh Penguins did not just get eliminated on Friday. They were outright embarrassed by the 24th ranked team in the NHL. The Montreal Canadiens shut Pittsburgh down leaving them completely punchless.

The reality is that Mike Sullivan plays a role in his own team’s demise. Is that enough of one to consider making a change?

Again, Pittsburgh started the season with much promise but right before the pause, old problems and habits surfaced. This began to torpedo the Pittsburgh season and cast some doubt. It was expected the pause would cure some of those ills. Unfortunately, that was not the case. 
Minutes distribution became an issue. Jack Johnson and Justin Schultz playing as much as they did was a blunder when other options were available. Not playing Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby 20+ minutes was a mistake. Yes,  Mike Sullivan had a mostly unmotivated teams on his hands but his decisions only exacerbated that lack of hunger.

Again, is that enough to make a coaching change? It is clear personnel changes are needed but it appears for now the coach is safe. His staff may not be lucky along with several players.