NHL Rumors: The Best Fits for Kane, Tarasenko, Toews, O’Reilly and Horvat

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TSN: Mike Johnson on TSN matches up some of Pierre LeBrun’s potential trade candidates with some teams who might look to upgrade at some point before the trade deadline.

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Host: “Let’s start with two big-named wingers, Patrick Kane, Vladimir Tarasenko. When you look at either one of those guys, which team might be the best fit.”

Johnson: “Well I’m going to go with what Pierre LeBrun just talked about. The Evander Kane injury opens up a massive hole for the Edmonton Oilers that they will need to fill. And if you are willing to get creative, you can find a way to fit salary in there.

So, I’m going to lump both wingers into the same category. Both would look fantastic. And even with Kane healthy, there was still a need for one more top-six forward in Edmonton. So whether it’s Patrick Kane or whether it’s Vladimir Tarasenko, I think they both could be very good fits on the Edmonton Oilers.

Imagine those guys finishing the player that are created by McDavid and Draisaitl. Especially, Tarasenko the way shoots it, and Patrick Kane can play with anybody. So I think both those guys would look pretty good in Edmonton.”

Host: “So what about Kane’s long-time teammate in Jonathan Toews. Where would he be the best match?”

Johnson: “I’m getting sentimental in my old age. How about back in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is off to a pretty good start. They still need more help down the middle. Now, they have good centermen in Scheifele and Dubois and Lowry, but one of those guys, or maybe Toews could maybe move to the wing. Maybe Scheifele maybe Lowry if you want to play Toews deeper down the lineup.

And Jonathan Toews is off to a great start this season, can add some versatility, some production and also the idea of some accountability. A winner’s attitude he’s had throughout his career would fit in very nicely for the Winnipeg Jets. So send him home. Send him back to Winnipeg. Would be great.”

Host: “That would be great. How about former Conn Smythe winner, Ryan O’Reilly? He’s having a down season, but is there a team that could use him for the playoffs stretch?

Johnson: “Well the Canadian flavor continues. This is getting a little greedy, but I’m in the belief that the Toronto Maple Leafs, who’ve struggled out of the gate, don’t need a defenseman solely, but they could also use help upfront.

Their depth forwards are not nearly as good. So imagine you could go with Matthews, Tavares and O’Reilly 1-2-3 down the middle? That would be the best center group in the league.

How about the Toronto Maple Leafs for Ryan O’Reilly. He’s familiar with the area. I think he’d be willing and excited and rejuvenated to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. And they could really secure the 1-2-3 line attack that they want to have that they are missing right now.

Host: “And last but not least, Vancouver’s Bo Horvat. He’s already go 12 goals, so he’s going to be coveted by lots of teams but is there a perfect match out there?

Johnson: “There is absolutely a perfect match out there, and a team that is going for a Cup this year, the Carolina Hurricanes. There second-line center right now is Jesperi Kotkaniemi. He’s not getting it done offensively in the way they want, replacing Vinny Trocheck.


So, they need an upgrade in that position and they’re one of the best teams in the league and they are willing to make big swings when the time is right. The time is right for them right now.

Bo Horvat would be perfect. Imagine you go Aho, Horvat, Jordan Staal as the defensive center of the three down the middle? That would be so tough to play against in the playoffs. I think would be a great fit.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription