NHL Rumors: The Calgary Flames are looking at a reset, and how they should handle Nikita Zadorov

The Calgary Flames are looking at a reset

TSN: Calgary Flames GM is a busy man at the GM meetings and has a lot going on according to Pierre LeBrun. There is the Nikita Zadorov trade request and he’s got a list of pending UFAs.

” … what teams are telling us is that the Flames are listening on other pending unrestricted free agents: Chris TanevNoah HanifinElias Lindholm, the Flames are ready for a roster reset here.

Now, Hanifin almost signed an extension here last month, close to $60 million, but he decided he wanted to wait and think about things and now that ship has sailed.

The Flames are listening on these guys but they’ve got no hurry, they have until March 8 for the trade deadline to seek a return on these players.”

Darren Dreger adds that the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and New Jersey Devils are among the teams looking at Flames defensemen.

Depending on who deep the Calgary Flames want to take things, but if they head towards a rebuild, they are going to players under contract beyond this season who may not be interested in being a part of the rebuild. Nazem Kadri could be one of those players.

How should the Calgary Flames handle Nikita Zadorov’s request? 

TSN: Craig Button when asked how the Calgary Flames should handle defenseman Nikita Zadorov’s trade request.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Cory Woron: “Okay, so Nikita Zadorov his already demanded to trade. you’ve been a general manager in this league. How should Craig Conroy handle this situation?

Button: Craig Conroy has one thing on his mind and it should be the only thing on his mind. To do what’s best for the Calgary Flames. Nikita Zadorov has expressed his desires. That’s great. So now it’s in Nikita Zadorov’s best interest to play really well, and to represent the Flames really well.

And then Craig Conroy can engage. The managers have his number on speed dial, I’d be phoning every single day on those players to find out what you’re up. But when Craig Conroy deems it fit to trade a player that benefits the Calgary Flames, that’s when you do it. Not one second before.

We explore the opportunities and go through that process. And that is what Craig Conroy has to do. It’s the only thing that should be on his mind.