NHL Rumors: The Carolina Hurricanes are looking for ‘star power’ in return for Martin Necas

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Loser Thinking episode on.

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Freidman: “With Necas, I wanted to address this to. Carolina is, is letting people know that they consider Necas’ a budding star and that’s the kind of return they want.”

Marek: “A star that’s, that’s on the horizon, like a star that’s about to pop or someone who’s already established?”

Friedman: “Star power is what they want in return. I heard.”

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Marek: “Okay, so we’re not dealing with picks and prospects here, like we talked about the other day on the radio show. They want players.”

Friedman: “Not a middling picking a B prospect …”

Marek: “It’s not going to get it done.”

Friedman: “…. or a first rounder and a, and a decent prospect. Like that’s, that’s not going to do it.

Now, Carolina is indicating they’re prepared to go ahead with Necas next year. I am not sure that Necas is thrilled with that idea.”

Marek: “Well the got to get contract first.”

Friedman: “This is the joust that you go through right now. But, but Carolina is letting people know that this is, this is not a middling picks and prospects trade. Like they consider Necas a really good player.

And I think there’s also, like they recognize that just because he may not necessarily be build for offense, the way that (Hurricanes coach Rod) Brind’Amour plays it. They recognize that if he goes somewhere else, where he’s allowed to rush the puck a bit more, it’s a bit more built into the offense, he’s gonna go to another level. And that’s the way they see a trade.”

Marek: “If you’re a team that’s really bad on the three-on-three overtime, Martin Necas is your guy.

And one of the things, Elliotte, that was almost as automatic as McDavid and Draisaitl on three-on-three was Aho and Necas.”

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Friedman: “Yeah.”

Marek: “If you’re, if you’re a team that needs help in the overtime getting up those points, picking up those points, Marty Necas’ your guy.”