NHL Rumors: The Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

Sportsnet: Frank Seravalli talking with Sportsnet’s Kevin Michie about the Chicago Blackhawks and pending UFAs Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Michie: “Any decision on the Blackhawks with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane?”

Seravalli: “Well it’s something we’re nearing a little bit closer as the calendar turns to December. That’s sort of when the Blackhawks had it in their mind in place to begin some of those exploratory conservations with both Kane and Toews.

Get a sense for how they’re feeling. Get a sense for what they might like to do. Maybe even some teams they might like to go to as we now have a better view into how the standing are shaping up as we hit the quarter mark of the season. And then go from there.

I think the process is going to be handled pretty well by their agents in that they share, Pat Brisson of CAA Sports. He went through this exact same exercise and dance last year with the Philadelphia Flyers and Claude Giroux. I think that’s an important trade to point out from a pure package perspective as well in terms of what the Chicago Blackhawks might be looking for and might be able to expect in exchange for Toews and Kane.

Toews has had a way better bounce back season, which is news to the Blackhawks ears. Got to keep in mind, those two guys hold all the keys in terms of where this goes next, much like Claude Giroux did. Full no-move. Full no-trade clauses, and whether or not they get something on the plus side of what the Flyers got for Giroux, maybe in terms of Kane or the same in terms of Toews. That’s sort of the barometer moving forward as to what we can expect the Blackhawks to receive and how this might play out as we get closer to the March 3rd trade deadline.