NHL Rumors: The Health of Patrick Kane Could Drop His Signing Value

Dave Pagnotta was on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio on the Friday Edition of the Morning Skate and when asked about possible destinations for Patrick Kane, his health is becoming a topic of conversation.

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Scott Laughlin: “We’ve been hearing a lot about Patrick Kane, Dave ramping things up and you know, gonna make a decision in the next week or two, and then we’ll get ready to step on the ice at some point. What are you hearing with regards to Patrick Kane?

I was on the Power Play to do my hit earlier this week and they asked me about where Patrick Kane would make sense. Where do you see him ending up? And I said a team like Carolina should be interested in Patrick Kane. They’ve got a little bit of money to spend. We know they’re constantly in search of that extra half-goal per game that could make the difference. I wonder if there’s a fit there for Patrick Kane. I mean, is it right for the organization? Is it right for Patrick? Kane? I mean, what are you hearing about maybe what we can expect to hear from that Patrick King camp coming up sometime soon?”

Dave Pagnotta: “Well, funny. I spoke to a few people actually last night, about how things are going in that regard. And I think there’s, you know, we’re still hearing the usual suspects that are kind of, you know, part of this with Dallas and Buffalo kind of, although I don’t know if that’s really part of it right now. They’re still part of it. You know, a couple of other teams, Florida and Detroit and whatnot. And yeah, there are teams like the Hurricanes I can certainly benefit from adding him in.

I think there’s a little bit of concern with respect to his overall health. And you know, can he or not necessarily come back I don’t think a lot of people are expecting him to come back to play at the level that he had a couple of seasons ago we had 90 plus points and be that caliber player because of the injuries, and the surgery that he’s recovering from?

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Just like Nick Backstrom, we saw what happened with him. So I think there’s a little bit of concern there and that might affect the overall price tag. It wouldn’t surprise me. And I think initially he was looking for, you know, multi-year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being one year, a little less money than maybe a lot of people may expect in that one to $2 million range to see if he can really execute and be that type of player post-surgery.

And that might give teams like Carolina, like a few other teams like Dallas that are right up against the cap that opportunity to take advantage of that situation financially. And if he excels, then look to an extension or a longer-term deal, multi-year deal after the fact. But I think that’s, that’s kind of where we’re at with Patrick Kane.

You outlined the timeline. I think that’s still on track. And that was kind of the plan from the get-go wait till mid-November. Start making a decision by the second half of November, and then get with a team and be ready to hit the ice and NHL action around the beginning of December.”