NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators and RFA Shane Pinto

NHL Network: Elliotte Friedman when asked about Ottawa Senators restricted free agent forward Shane Pinto.

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Tony Luftman: “Let’s talk about Shane Pinto. Ottawa has less than a million in cap space. How do they get a deal done with Pinto and what’s the AAV?”

Friedman: “Well, look, I think that if that was easy to do, I think it would be done already. So that says to me that they’re not going to be doing it for under a $1 million.

Ottawa Senators salary cap situation.

Look, I think, I think Shane Pinto is the kind of player, I don’t think he’s signing for $895,000 as you have on the board right there.

He’s a guy who scored 20 goals. He’s definitely worth a bigger number than that. And if you take a look at some of the contracts that have been signed somewhere his comparables, he’s very comparable to some players who signed for higher numbers.

So, I think what we’re waiting here is, what is Ottawa going to do around him. Not so much in terms of Pinto, but maybe making a move to free up something that gives Pinto a bigger number. Cause I don’t think he’s going to be signing for $900K. I think the Senators are well aware of that and I think they’re trying to create some flexibility to go out and say, okay, make a move that frees up some salary and also puts Pinto closer to where he should be in the $2.5 million range I guess. That’s my opinion.

NHL Network: Elliotte Friedman on NHL Tonight on the latest on Shane Pinto.

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Tony Luftman: “It looks like you just woke up from a nap so I’m going to tell you that Shane Pinto’s future is still up in the air. Give us the latest on his contract situation please?”

Friedman: “Tony, I can tell you this, whether it’s 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening, I always look like this. I don’t have to wake up to look like this.

Luftman: “I love ya.”

Friedman: “That’s all I have to say.

I just heard, I think Ottawa is trying to make a move or two to open up some cap room. They only have about $900,000, $895,000 of cap room and Shane Pinto’s not going to sign for that.

I’ve heard some trade talk has picked up around the league right now. It’s pretty simple. You look at situations where teams are tight to the cap. Where they have too many players at certain positions.

I think Ottawa was looking around to see what they can do to open up some cap room to get Pinto done. Cause I just don’t think the players’ gonna sign for $900K and they know that. So they have to figure something out.