NHL Rumors: The Rick Tocchet, Vancouver Canucks speculation

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on The Jeff Marek Show – Rick Tocchet Next Up in Vancouver?

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Marek: “As we walk with Elliotte, let’s begin with walk and talk, and by talk we mean Tocchet’s. As in Rick and the Vancouver Canucks.

Sometimes I play a host here on radio or podcasts.

So this one’s kind of been whispered, not for very long, but it’s kind of been out there. What have you heard? What do you know? Rick Tocchet. Vancouver Cancuks. We know Vancouver’s on this extended road trip.

Your thoughts on all the whispers on Rick Tocchet?”

Friedman: “Well you gave me a homework assignment and I worked at it. This is what I think Jeff.

I think that Vancouver and Rick Tocchet had some discussions a while ago. They didn’t go anywhere. I think Vancouver talked to a few coaches who were available. Potential coaches who were available and I think they re-engaged with Tocchet.

And the best way I could put it right now, is I think it’s in the Canucks hands. Do they want to do it or not? And I don’t think it’s imminent. I think if they make a change it’s still probably a couple weeks away.

But, again, I want to say if they make a change I think it’s a couple weeks away but I think when it comes to Rick Tocchet, I think it’s a decision that’s up to the Canucks.

Marek: “I’m not trying to insult Rick Tocchet here, I’m just curious why Rick Tocchet?

We know he’s been a coach in the NHL before. There are other teams that tried to hire him. I believe he was interviewed by Winnipeg.”

Friedman: “He was.”

Marek: “He was interviewed by Seattle. What is specific to Rick Tocchet?”

Friedman: “Well, I think one of the reasons is that Jim Rutherford and Patrik Allvin know him really well.

Marek: “Pittsburgh.”

Friedman: “Yes. This is really, when it comes to them, Bruce Boudreau kind of came in around the same time as Rutherford butit was a bit of jumble at the time. I’m not really sure to this day how it all worked out.

This really is their first hire where they’ve had any real time in Vancovuer together, Rutherford and Allvin, to make the call. And so, I would think that one reason they would have interest in Tocchet would be their familiarity with him.

One of the things we’re talking about, the Canucks right now, is the mix of unique personalities that are there, and that could be there for a while. Well, he had a lot of success in Pittsburgh. One of the most unique personalities in the NHL, and that was Phil Kessel.

So, I would think that that would, like look, when you’re making a big hire. If you know someone, does it give them an edge? Yeah, I think it does.”

Marek: “Of course it does.”

Friedman: “People may not like to hear that but it does. And so I think if they go this route, I think familiarity would be the biggest reason.

Marek: “I think that’s true of any industry. I know we like to harp on the NHL, and say it’s all chummy-chummy in hiring buddies but in every industry people hire people who they are comfortable with. That’s it. You have a track record people, you generally defer to that person.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription