NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks and Some PTO Candidates… Or Not

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor on the potential PTO candidates for the Vancouver Canucks.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Taylor: “Okay, I mentioned camp starting on Thursday. There’s a couple of very interesting names that haven’t been signed by anybody or haven’t been given PTOs. Phil Kessel is one.

Dhaliwal: “The Canucks apparently teams are talking to Kessel’s agent about a contract. Some thought he’d get a PTO. It’s believed the Canucks are not in on Kessel but they did check in on him a while back, with the agents. So there was conversations but I don’t believe he’s going to end up in Vancouver.

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But Kessel is a guy, that everyone’s thinking ‘Is he going to get a PTO?’ Looks like Don he might get a contract now.

Taylor: “Well, won’t he get one in Vancouver?”

Dhaliwal: “I just told you it’s not believed.”

Taylor: “How can that be possible? He played in Pittsburgh.”

Dhaliwal: “Ohhh. (Jim) Rutherford. (Patrik) Allvin. (Rick) Tocchet. Pittsburgh. Anybody with Pittsburgh connections is what you’re saying. But they checked in on them Don. It’s not going to happen.

Taylor: “Jujhar Khaira?”

Dhaliwal: “Cloverdale kid. Good Cloverdale. You know that Donnie. Cloverdale minor hockey. Always like to to give Cloverdale minor hockey a plug.”

Taylor: “Great uni’s.”

Dhaliwal: “They are great. Blue with a little horse on the front. Very nice.

Jujhar. The Canucks have not shown any interest in him up to this point. But I believe he’ll get some good news soon about being back in the NHL.”

  • Elliotte Friedman: Have been hearing that the Minnesota Wild and Jujhar Khaira are working on something and he could be in their training camp.
  • Rick Dhaliwal: Immigration issue may mean he’ll have to sign a PTO to be able to cross the border and they it’s a one-year, two-way deal.

Taylor: “You’re pushing hard for the Canucks to …”

Dhaliwal: “Stop it.”

Taylor: “… reaquire Alex Edler.”

Dhaliwal: “Stop it Don.”

Taylor: “Who is available. The talk is out there.”

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Dhaliwal: “You saw. This is what you do. You see stuff on twitter. You believe it all. Someone did an article, should the Canucks, I don’t know who it was. Maybe it was Quadrelli or someone.

Someone said the Canucks should get Edler. Okay. Let’s get this straight folks. Edler is 37-years-old. What he did in Vancouver was great. This organization…”

Taylor: “Arguably the best ever defenseman.”

Dhaliwal: “We will never ever forget Edler in Vancouver but the Canucks are not in a position for feel good stories Don. They’re not. This organization has had a tough run for 11 years. They’re not in a position for ‘look at this happy feel good story.’

No, they got to turn this ship around and you do it by making good hard decisions and you do it by not doing feel stories. I don’t think it.”

Taylor: “You what would feel good? Making the playoffs.”

Dhaliwal: “That’s right. And you know how you make the playoffs? You put together a hellava team. You know. So go do that but I just don’t see Edler here. He’s 37 Don.

Taylor: ”

Dhaliwal: “