NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks are Interested in Hurricanes Defenseman Ethan Bear

Donnie & Dhali: Elliotte Friedman when asked about Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Ethan Bear (and former NY Rangers Nils Lundkvist – before the trade to Dallas) and how the Vancouver Canucks are looking for a young right-handed defenseman.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“Well, I do think the Canucks are interested in Bear. The one thing though is, Lundkvist number is easier for them cap wise than Bear’s is. So that’s one thing. The other thing is, I think Bear is a guy who can probably help them more right away.

From what I’ve heard, Bear is a tougher deal to make in terms of their fit with Carolina and the cap implications than the Lundkvist one is. We’ll see if that turns out to be true or not.

Basically what I heard with Bear is, they’re definitely interested but I’m not sure if there is a deal to be made there.

Lundkvist, they’re definitely interested and I think there is the possibility of a deal to be made there and I think it’s a little bit easier for them for cap reasons.

I just think if this season is more meaningful to them, I think Bear gives them a better shot this year than Lundkvist does.

Donnie & Dhali: (Before Nils Lundkvist was traded to Dallas) Rick and Donnie talk about the Vancouver Canucks interest in 26-or-under right-handed defensemen.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

” Iain MacIntyre, good pal, reported the Canucks are interested in Ethan Bear, who’s a right shot defenseman, Donnie, out of Carolina.

Donnie: “Speaking of the Oilers.”

Dhaliwal: “Exactly, former Oiler Donnie.

Here’s what Jim Rutherford told me. He said, ‘Look. We’re looking for right shot defensemen under the age of 26.’ We talk about it every day.

So if you look at Ethan Bear and Nils Lundkvist fall into that category. I was told morning it’s pretty quiet on the Bear from the past few weeks. Things can change, We know they can change. We can report something one hour and totally opposite thing happens in the second hour.

All I can tell you, is not only I can you Ethan Bear there’s interest but Nils Lundkvist of the Rangers is a guy that falls into that category Donnie. They need to get younger on the right side. They’re looking for a defenseman everyday. Defenseman under the age of 26, on the right side Donnie.

“Oh by the way, on the weekend everybody in town wanted Anton Stralman in Vancouver. Well, as of Saturday when I got a hold of his agent, the Canucks have shown no interest in Anton Stralman. 35-year-old right shot D. Canucks have not shown any interest.

Donnie: “You just said they wanted a right-handed defenseman 26 and under.”

Dhaliwal: “Ya, but there was a lot of questions Donnie. How come the Canucks haven’t called Stralman. No interest in him.”